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Why Did Nagendra Quit Playing?

1. Nagendra was one of the players I came across as I began to frequent the badminton hall of pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh.

2. Initially he tried to mock me with his friends but gradually he told me his name and let me interview him.

3. Recently a few new players wanted to join but because of lack of availability of slots they were denied access.

4. Today morning I called Nagendra up as MR was waiting for players to show up. You might be surprised how little these players know about each other for the simple reason that they need not to. I was happy to help and found out to my surprise that Nagendra had quit. After initial shock was over I realised it’s his routine to play only when weather is clement.

5. This reminded me of how I used to shun reading and other activities for the want of better weather; especially after having been to Bangalore.

Unique pattern: all players were wearing white shirts yesterday!
Shatabdi Ground!

There might not be anymore posts on Nagendra till November. Rishabh was interviewed by me and he also seems to have disappeared. I feel it’s alright.

Myers Briggs Type Indicators!

On the what’sapp group The Book Club: Milind posted a test. Test seems to be interesting:

1. A baby is crying.

2. It’s raining outside. Clothes hanging out there are getting wet.

3. Doorbell is ringing.

4. Phone is ringing.

5. The water is running from tap.

You’re supposed to arrange these activities in the order you would give precedence to. The designer of the test gets to understand many things based on your response:For example: how do you deal with emergencies? Are you more interested in human machine or nonhuman machine? What’s your understanding of nature? And so on.

Out of box: to not to participate in the tests might indicate: unwillingness to socialize. Might mean different things based on the context : for example: it might mean that the subject believes- examiner isn’t broad enough to perceive profundity of the situation. In which case it’s better to tackle the source of the problems itself: EMERGENCIES: what causes them?

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