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1. Recently, youngest of her(Vandana Shukla’s) sons was admitted to city hospital because of lack of multivitamins and nutrients. Her husband takes multivitamins regularly but there are none for their handicapped child(my sibling) who is too ashamed to ask for treatment and even going to deny any such event: getting admitted to hospital or getting a fake handicap certificate. Chances of this appealing to you are as high as Vyapam cases getting resolved by making a mystery thriller about them. Honesty is the best policy.

2. Male chauvinists: they were all fighting a case they lost against their in-laws. I lost my mind along with sleep. Reason might be: they didn’t get a male child. You won’t find any written records of their being fond of a LAAL.

“Tum kaun ite laal hag raye”

-is a saying which translates to:

” You’re not defecating gems in toilet.”

Laal also means a gem of a son. They were insulted by each-other and then digested all of it.

Gile shikwe bhool ke doston dushman bhi gale mil jaate hain.

Sholay. Lay down in morning or noon…it MAY fire!

After great success of mummy-papa United productions and struggles you have bhaiya-bhabhi United productions and taking your words back about why jeeja was abused by saala or foofa was intimidated by bhatija.

My case rests.

Whether I give addendum or not it’s merely infotainment for you. Consider yourself luckier. You might hear good news when it’s due.

Author: dancinglightofgrace


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