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Kether and Non Euclidian Geometry!

Pictures above were all clicked by me. Edited: All of the pictures above were clicked by me.

Euclid’s Geometry is as much of bullshit as Non-Euclidian geometry. Poetic and imaginary exercises make world go round.

Text books for students in class ninth contain statements like:

Now it’s widely accepted that non euclidian geometry holds your cup of coffee because it endorses spherical world view.

Text book mathmatics class ninth MP board

It’s better to listen to Prateek Joseph’s song “Ande ka fanda…”

Zero was given by my Bharat.

Bharat Kumar with his hand on his pondering face…truly philosophical.

If a disclaimer is put on every text book:

“You’re going to read a work of fiction.”

Who’s going to beat kids in school?

How are proctors and invigilators going to harrass them?

How would education and exams boards accumulate money for conducting exams. Anxiety for suicides without providing an option for euthanasia and who would spend time on marksheets and revaluation?

{ As an aside: don’t forget to visit the nearest library which has Sarvo DAYA literature : they would tell you why Vinoba burnt all his marksheets and gained land for masses by begging on behalf of downtrodden people.}

But is it possible? Aren’t we speaking about Maya/Matrix? Patric’s Paya? Iron. Fuller. Carbon dioxide Miller. Copper. etc.


We are speaking about mathematics.

Point. Line. Line segments. Planes which have their edges as lines.

Bindu. Ind.

Since passport was found intact:

The address written behind is strange:

3/57 Phase-2, Chhatarasal Nagar, J. K. ROAK, BHOPAL

There’s no J. K. ROAK in Bhopal unless passport office was actually joaking with YOU!

Vivarium. Another nightingale. Passport office people are supposed to be smart.

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