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English Hub!

Well begun is half done!
Ganesh Colony!

Rate list. Is mask needed why?

1. I am teaching ‘The Snake and The Mirror,’ a chapter from National Council For Educational Research and Training.

2. As I am writing this post the student is working on his writing assignment.

3. Look at the first picture in this article:

True Advertisement!

Honesty is the best policy.

A. Hindi text heading translates to:

Only center for spoken English.

Irrigation Colony Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh India 471001.

This is completely FALSE information. There are many institutions which are doing the same thing.

B. Center of Spoken English:

Center For Spoken English? Might qualify? The way Hindi is usually translated into English, we are often confused about whether to use of or for in such cases.

Needless to say: an institute which is so careless about its advertisement board- isn’t going to be of much help for your Grammar.

C. Class teaching? Grammar?

D. Preparation for competition.

Not erroneous, yet, for competitive exams is better suited. Such advertisement boards like everything else are created with pressure. Pressed about space and expenses.

E. Creation of I.A.S.

Fresh Indian Administrative Servant(s) are created here.

Like Pradhan Sevaks, they’re created servants in the image of an idol but end up being kings and queens of their domains somehow. They remove discrepancy in land disputes as their bunglows keep growing in size and shape.


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