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Red lable/Black lable

1. When our Madhya Pradesh board exams for standard tenth were due our class teacher took us to a temple located in a nearby village: Koodantaal. It’s a Hanuman temple.

2. Recently I was collecting junk alcohol bottles to sell them @ of one rupee per bottle. I came across an alcohol shop at bus stand Cahhatarpur. A man devoted to Koodantaal (as his bike had Koodantaal written on it,) alighted and bought a quarter of cheapest wine.

3. Mean deities like Bhairav are worshipped with Madeira wine and alcohol. If I had been aware of it at the time our class teacher took us to that temple–i would have rejected the idea to visit such an auspicious place before such an important examination.

4. Vyapam did what it could. I scored less than required to be on top. Tough luck. Bhairav was unhappy.

5. Work lay heart ley ley lines lable labile abs le lalala japatrai le TRAI le J Y lele.

6. If I had time : tohu on Sabbath would have been delivered.

7. Look at this number:


A hound

Weighing hundred pounds

Was fed

A rathbone

Basil silhouette

Minus twelve

Yield: die, sell, pets, sell.

Boats, oats, stoats. Ermine. Minecraft. Craftsman shop.


Author: dancinglightofgrace


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