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May I have your ascension lease?

KG wall: Kindergarten Wall.

The first picture:

1. It was captured by me this morning near Chhatrasal Square. There was supposed to be a rally yesterday by a group which follows the man in this picture . A storm in the noon was followed by a rainfall which relieved this town from relentless heat which harasses the residents in the month of May.

2. What’s in a name?

A popular William Shakespeare quotation.

3. Arvind is the popular name of the person in question and Kejriwal is popular surname.

4. I don’t know what’s the meaning of Kejriwal. It certainly has got nothing to do with wall.

5. If you’re still reading: I recently learned that Bailey means a Castle Wall and Trey means three.

6. Cage-ri-wall has got nothing to do with any cage, Sun God Ra or any wall dedicated for the same.

7. And the entire poster had many images, names of important people with a lot of money to spend.

8. And even if you are thinking that I sound like Maximilian Mohammed now: I am merely trying to build a wall up for a message.

9. The message is simple. The century gate iron structure, on which this picture was pasted tells about a century (1908 to 2008). It was inaugurated in 2008 AD.

2002 AD

10. It costs about 20000 rupees to create such posters and banners.

11. A politically ambitious group which claims to be dedicated for ‘common man’ came into being in the year 2011 when Anna Hazare and company were protesting against government for creation of a corruption free transparent system.

12. District coordinators and organizers of this group misspelt the surname of their leader on purpose to attract Hindi Puritans- because: as per Gandhi:

First they oppose you, then they criticise you and then you win over them.


FYI: despite AOK(anchor Tak waala charnel) slips of lungs: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is still officially recognised as the Father of the nation. 75 years and counting. One nation, one father scheme.

11. It rained and we visited a swimming pool. Tari, rari, kaki all died and went to gaya paryaag aage ki hoga?

12. Swimming pool loop vim Hoff doff offer ringu gulch ravineyardsticksv.

13. May I have your ascension lease?

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