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Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India Sunrise 28.05.2022

1. It’s pronounced saale-rate-us. For Hindi speakers: it’s akin to challenging someone to rate your enterprise.

Saale: your brother in law. Usually considered to be an abusive word if not used at its exact place. Why? Sisters are loans, burdens and getting them married off to another family is akin to load-shedding.

Rat: Rat is pronounced as rate. English. If it was Rat: in Hindi it would be a challenge to RAT on you. That’s akin to telling your top secrets to another party.

Us is us. United we stand. We.

2. Saleratus is baking soda.

What a strange word for Sodium/Potassium bicarbonate.

Sale. Rat. Us. All three components are meaningful.

3. Tohu: is a verse form invented by me.


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