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What Carry Bags May Come?

1. The title is obviously inspired by “What Dreams May Come.”

2. This, Miss India brand carry bag was being used to keep(carry) tissue papers at the stall of finger chips seller on police lines road.

3. I was compelled to take a picture because of the finest grade of Hindi used on this small artifact.

4. Editing:

1. Udesh: Uddeshya.

2. Salose: salon se(missing bindu/dot for nasal sound)

3. Kwoliti: quality: kwality

4. Dudh: doodh

5. Dhi: buddhi? No. Ghee. Clarified butter.

6. Paanv bhaaji? Come on.

7. Shabji? Shaabji. Sabjee?

8. Fruit: froot( for fruit)

9. Jayush: Juice. Joos.

10. Rajeestard: registered. Rajisturd.

My abject apologies for lack of transliteration tools. Only those with a basic understanding of Hindi/Devnagari can get the import of these words. If you were to select Miss India brand: Mogambo won’t be happy 😁😁

Author: dancinglightofgrace


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