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1. It took me about five minutes to describe the qualities written on poster for Surya Namaskar to the staff member who had invited me to sit with him by reading them out.

2. On June 21st, International Day for Yoga is celebrated world wide. It’s near summer solstice.

3. Yoga postures which are twelve in number: help you stabilize your body for breathing practices and higher stages of meditation.

4. Needless to say: they’re associated with twelve aspects of Sun God Ra: based on which solar calendar always takes twelve months cycle into account.

5. These aspects in no particular order are:

5.1: Mithras: mithridate. Antidote to poisons. Friend of all. Enemy of none.

5.2: Ravi: Related to the one who creates change.

5.3: Bhanu: one who creates activity.

5.4: Bhaskar: One who has highest lustre.

5.5: Adityas: One of the 12 belonging to highest pantheons of Hindu gods with Vishnu being the youngest. Emphasis on community of gods. Vishvedevas.

5.6: Savitar: One who rises and sets. Related to the aspect of health, wealth and prosperity. Addressed in Gayatri Mantra.

5.7: Hiranyagarbha: The alpha and the Omega. One which contains all in it. Brahm.

5.8: Poosha: One who nourishes all.

5.9: Arka: Related to sacrifice in northern Indian temples.

5.10: Martanda: literally dead egg. Eighth son of Aditi.

5.11: Prabhakar: One which has an aura.

5.12: Surya: One who awakens or initiates.

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