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Twelfth of June!

1. Yesterday, I left in time to capture some images to be used to compose this article.

2. I got a call from a friend before I left. He wanted to meet casually but then took me to a barber’s saloon where he got shaved while I insisted to walk in stadium. Thus my twilight was spent on a bench watching traffic police giving challan receipts to violators near Ambedkar statue.

3. The stone outside the badminton hall of Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India is worn out because of passage of time since its inception. It was inaugurated on Twelfth of June in the year nineteen ninety four by chief minister of Madhya Pradesh state Digvijaya Singh. Now it’s difficult to identify if it was on second of June or twelfth of June as the number one is illegible. Synchronicity: it was a Sunday on the day of inauguration of the hall. It was a Sunday yesterday as well.

4. My inclination to often write about this hall stems from my early boyhood memory of visiting stadium and this hall with Lallu aka Aditya Dwivedi. He was elder to me and introduced me to terms like Stadium/Pavilion. It took me some time to clearly comprehend the difference. Recently I read a tweet from Tendulkar where he used term pillion. This word is similar to the word pavilion in structure but means a rider accompanying another. I used to be a pillion on bicycle driven by Lallu bhaiyaa. He used to eat only a bit between two rounds to stadium and mimicked Kishore Kumar very well.

5. The last image is GI iron alloyed poles to be installed in place of old ones which used to act as goal posts for football game so far. In a ceremony held to inaugurate some scheme by chief minister of Madhya Pradesh India a heavy tent was pitched and poles were uprooted. Two pairs now rest before Gymnashium Hall and East Side pavilion stairs. The installation has been pending with the risk of any animal or youngsters falling in those four ditches.

6. Tenders have been invited for renovation of floor plan and other activities inside the badminton hall. There have been many discussions, petitions and publications for the same before an official visit from a UGC committee.

7. If I failed to find out what RFS stood out for it’s clearly futile to try to find out the meaning of acronym AKV on one of the poles.

8. I am listening to music. Unchained melody was discovered when I watched 1990 movie Ghost and then I found that it has many versions.

Unchained melody:

“…And time goes by so slowly…and time can do so much…” Alex North and co. Righteous brothers.

Alex North and Hy Zaret

9. Here’s a Tohu to celebrate twenty eight years of badminton hall stone:

Battledore Dumbledore,

Adore adore!

POonA Pune Juna June!

Jejune junebug bugsbunny hunny!

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