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Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar?

Wikipedia: Educational courtesy!
Google search
UNWFP: Free Rice: Psychology section!
Milestone blue LEGAND!
Moonbeams home in a jar!

1. I was listening to AFI’s 100 years 100 songs playlist on Google Spotify when I came across this track. Music composed by Jimmy Van Heusen and lyrics by Johnny Burke. I might have come across this one last year when I was watching classic movies from Hollywood.

2. However what I didn’t appreciate last year was lyrics. These used to be tagline of Willem from Belgium. I asked him what his forum name meant: William as in Williamthe protector he told. I never forgot it afterwards but his tagline seemed like it was picked off from some nursery rhymes book. His avatar actually reflected it as a boy hanging on a Moonbeam.

3. Willem was one of the moderators on forum. Susan who had her birthday recently was the admin of this small forum known as The Couch. Paul used to do technical support time-to-time and Brian aka Monk2400 aka Midnight monk was Philosophy major. Henry Quirk from Voice of Lafayette, Louisiana was there for a while. He was also on Mad Philosophers where I first interacted with Chinese philosopher Xanthos who after a heated debate on The Couch moved onto a Science discussion forum.

4. Incidentally, United Nations World Food Programme website Free Rice introduced two new categories in their free gaming section which educates and helps you help alleviate the hunger in the world: Psychology and Economics.

Thus they now have 54 categories instead of 52. Psychology section had a question with a grammatical mistake in the last option. I tried to notify them of it on Facebook where I had previously interacted with one of their technical supports. (The Couch and Psychology section)

5. Needless to say that the correct answer in the question shown associates watching more television with unhappiness. Couch potato is another term associated with this pattern.

6. The second last image in this sequence of images has a menu of liquor items I saw this evening as we went to buy a drink for my friend who drinks regularly and needs company. Legend is spelt as LEGAND. You need to click onto the picture of menu and amplify the resolution to be able to spot it. It shall be a test for your seriousness. Else: never mind fir else fur Elise Elijah ah!

7. Full moon for this month of Jyeshtha constellation is celebrated as birthday of Kabir. After my research I noticed that full moon days were assumed to be birthdays of saints and mystics no matter what their exact birthdays were. In case of Kabir birth month might be accurate. Since Jyeshtha Sun is hottest in this part of globe: Moon merely reflects that lustre. Hence Kabir( al-kabir a name of God in Quran which means ‘the great one’ ) as the name suggests has most illustrious moon for his birthday.

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