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Watch “Timeline of Rulers of INDIA (1526-2020)” on YouTube

1. Night before yesterday, in a discussion intended to address the issue of partition in India before its independence, holding Gandhi to be responsible for losses then and now, one of the interlocutors began with this line of reasoning:

“Mughals had already ruled for 800 years.”

2. If this video is based on certain facts: 1526 AD to 1674 AD is only 148 years. It actually took me a while to bring him to a reasonable ground where he was willing to agree on a figure of 300 years. Why does our imagination exaggerate things especially in case of religion? It’s upto you to think at present. I intend to keep this article based on data available online, verifiable by anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone.

3. As one of the comments observed: son of Indira Gandhi is named Indira Gandhi in this video. Might be poignant but would be registered only as a technical error.

4. It must be noted: using umbrella term ‘rulers of India’ is actually invalid for people represented to be working on behalf of East India Company or Republic of India post independence. It’s what creates an image of Modi or Chouhan being sovereign rulers of state in the mind of youth and it’s grossly mistaken notion.

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