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Twilights and Ferrymen!

1. Twilights are almost always beautiful. Birds returning to nests; calls for rest and sleep after a hard day of work. Some dusks are more dusky than others. All founders of major religions were people on path which advocates freedom from the clutches of delusions. The regimens in their times and following their times use bones left afterwards for controlling the masses to prove that they’re indeed divinely ordained rulers of the land because they’ve the most authentic version of the message. People lose sight of how religion grew up and had no shape at once.

2. The latest cafe in the chain of cafes I have frequented this year is the first one I visited after the lockdown phase. Full circle. Was it more than a coincidence that on the eve of elections here I got this coin released in 2012: celebrating 60 years of Parliament of India? I had to return it the very next morning.


3. The fish market outside Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur has let the police lines entrance stay open in the last two weeks. It’s a change and an improvement. Something which allows visitors easier access to this playground. As for badminton hall: the upgrades were due before the elections but despite the predictions of the staff I felt it was going to be later than sooner and it indeed let the elections go before it. Pits, garbage, dirt and a lot of money is out there for newly elected assembly here. Stay tuned!



1. This song was written in 1940s. Its title has a compound word. It’s a funny little Disney song. The song is in AFI’s 100 years 100 songs list.

2. As I said: lyrics is funny: for example:

One night I said it to me girls and now me girls me wife.


3. I invented the verse form Tohu. I have published many such verses over the years. These verses contain compound words similar to the word in the title song with the exception of being much lengthier compared to them. And meaning? Yes: the meaning is as good as you want it to be. It’s compound of all of the words used and much more since sum is always greater than its parts. Here’s a fresh Tohu. Needless to say: copyright or no copyright it’s one of the longest compound words, similar to other Tohu verses published online in English unrecognised by lexicographers:


Note: If you can recognise the Eiffel tower in the featured image it’s a bonus.