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English and Hindi!

1. Let the reason lead.

2. I had a nice cup of elaichi tea after a not-so-nice plate of finger-chips this evening. Birds are returning to their homes and ants are still at work at large.

3. What’s the difference between rabbits and ants when referring to colonies?

4. An: is pronounced the same way N is pronounced. While teaching my only student it was highlighted once again. How do you differentiate between a black object that absorbs all light and an empty space? Practically-both of them leave same impression on eyes: none. Whatsoever.

5. A single interlocutor, a single student does magic to ideaphorea. Perhaps, more than a bunch of them because you’re more in your element. In latter case you’re wondering about how to maximize gains.

6. RTI: right to information. 2005 AD. Electric current. Many sectors of business and market are fighting with absolute scarcity of water, electric and funds. OTOH, many other superfluous and proud(even smug) people are wasting it overtime. Marriages, birthday parties, hotels, universities and houses of middle and upper middle class.

Most worrying is law enforcement agencies like police department, municipal corporation and such violating and condoning stealing of electric, land and other means of livelihood for “samrath ko nahi dosh gosaai…” And other such bullshit and completely exacting rigorous standards in case of poor. Rich gets richer and vice versa.

Happy to be poor. Happy to be happy. Yadda yadda.

7. RTI 2005 : subsection 140 imposes fines in excess of 10000 rupees with imprisonment for stealing electric. What would you do when entire municipal corporation and law enforcement is party to violations? They can’t all be WRONG ? No. They can’t be. They read one book. They eat one gutka. They watch one cricket league. They bat. They bet. You betcha. Better watch your back ya. Meanwhile:

Chiva’s regal versus blackdog? No. Elaichi tea here costs just ten rupees because man versus machine gives in favor of man.
I used to sit here. PNC and others ensured that I felt ill at ease. Now it’s over.
Traveling destroys some illusions and creates some others. UGK
1033. Does it work? 101 didn’t work in Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh for me during a cricket tournament.
I saw places which were dark.

How to lodge an FIR?

1. I enrolled for a Diploma in Education.

2. I received it from Shri Krishna University, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India in 2021.

3. The marksheet, for some mysterious reasons, seems to be with Vandana and Santosh Shukla living at present at the place I go to sleep and take shower everyday. Choubey Colony Ward number 23. LP 10 114. Why are they so fond of someone’s document?

Time: The time I visited railway station there was no cold water. Water there was plenty!

4. For last two months I have been requesting Vandana Shukla to give me my marksheet. She makes excuses but keeps my documents locked in almirah. On account of renovation of the house: my 1000 rupees, two mobile phones disappeared. They were kept SAFE by them like my marksheets.

5. I don’t have any money to give to police department. I have heard rumours that police is rude in general and doesn’t take poor people seriously.

6. It’s the same lady who stole a jug from primary school Narsingh Garh Purwa where she used to be a teacher. If it was a gift I would have been informed of the same. She told that the jug was kept in exchange for some other artifacts which were supplied by her to this school.

7. I don’t believe her simply because my marksheets as well as my Aadhar card and other documents were kept locked by her husband Santosh Shukla, who is a bully for all practical purposes.

8. If anyone is educated enough to help me: please help me retrieve my marksheets even if I simply want to keep them in a bag or box.

9. If you think it’s an inside joke: you don’t understand what has really happened to my career in the last decade.

Updated edit: May 27, 2022. Received D. Ed. marksheets after struggle.


Noon: May 13, 2022
Video 02: Badminton hall Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 13/05/2022

1. Dearth of images today. How many images might be there in the video above?

2. Friday the thirteenth: Triskaidekaphobia.

3. Smell of fishes. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Gate number two.

4. Yesterday. Bob Dylan’s Tambourine Man:

“Let me forget about today until tomorrow.”

5. When you’ve nothing to look forward to you look backwards.

6. Foofaraw:

Among all words I learned about relationships: this stood out.

Aunt. Uncle. Foofaraw?

Why foofa was raw?

Because he was a big-to-do.

Raw garlic, raw Ginger and Robert Anton Wilson.

Ores, chores and cores,

The meaning of the word means : big-to-do.

7. Discovering Foofaraw was akin to discovery of Maafidar: a proprietor. The surname means that the family were feudal lords in the business of forgiving loans of their vassals like political leaders working on behalf of government forgiving loans of suicidal farmers. Can’t provide euthanasia.

8. Zarayam?

Yam. Yaam. Yummy. A bit of yam.

9. Sabbatical. Bahubali and others ensure that BOB is dysfunctional. Or was it always so?

Official argument on behalf of Bank of Baroda:

“Due to lack of availability of chips from Taiwan/China we aren’t able to provide our customers ATM cards.”

Customers like me must be fools. April fools.

“We are open to open your account with zero balance.” ATM card might be subject to debate and Remo D’Souza’s performance in Britain’s got latent tent House!

The branch manager told that he himself was waiting for his ATM and then forgot about it. Let’s share Sonpaapdi!
Analysis one.

1. It’s about time: elections are due.

2. I was taken to this site before formation of Yogi Government. Or to put words lightly: before UP elections.

3. 1: Heading seems stuffed. No space between words: not open to criticism of any type.

3.2: Second head: Lagat Rashi or Expenses:

521,47/ lakh

One lakh is 100000.

The cost is strange. What does it mean?

For every 100000, 521,47 was spent?


Come again?

What are they talking about?

Aha, democracy!

3.3: Why don’t you put EVM in Hindi/Devnagari? PIU/PWD. This nation doesn’t want to know. It wants some paan masala and peppermint. A bit of cgrade and cheap alcohol. We are happy to be happy. 😁😁😁