Law abiding citizens?

1. I walked for three hours inside Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India this morning after taking English language coaching class for a class ninth student.

2. I didn’t enter badminton hall today even at once in the morning. Usually I do enter to watch games. When I entered the hall finally: it was at about 15:27 pm. All the lights were lit up. There were no players.


4. I assume they were on since morning. They were on for about three hours or more.

5. I know it’s not the first instance when they have been left on due to negligence.

6. There were frequent power cuts at Tata Motors’ service center where power was needed for services due to which the work which needs only half an hour took more than three hours.

7. If you look at this wastage of electric power due to negligence and on purpose: it’s actually gigantic. Despite the law. It’s one of the reasons for economic situation. People who steal in groups are rewarded.

8. RTI 2005 and Electric Power Law subsection 2003/140 states that wasting electric on purpose is a criminal offence.

9. My repeatedly reporting this is of no consequence.

10. Stance of players: “no we don’t have time to switch it off. We are paying for our slot.”

11. Staff members: “they’re paying barely enough for electric bill and they demand cleanliness as well as new mat on court.”

12. Rishabh is leaving soon. Only player who had participated in a national level event about a decade ago. To play a sport is considered healthy but it’s not as easy as it seems to be able to afford it.

13. Rishabh told me why it’s a waste of time and money to play badminton. Despite all the glory showered on a handful of people in award ceremonies: bitter truth of sports life in India isn’t much different from the bitter truth about rest of the public life: unemployment, population explosion, pollution and so on. And I am not even pretending to discredit current regimen in this regard: since my school days I have only found worsening of matters.

14. Hypocrisy, buying and selling of members of parliament, bribery, waste of public funds on purpose, mafia and nepotism is the zeitgeist of the day. Public is mirrored in leadership and leadership is mirrored in public. Meanwhile: my friend who bought a new car told me about being able to cover the distance to Bhopal( the capital of the state) in four hours. It used to be eight hours in my college days.

No change!

Erroneous Hindi. No follow up on notices.

Erroneous Hindi. No CCTV

1. University staff members state that none of the players from district association for badminton took responsibility to pay dues. Even electric bills were not defrayed.

2. District association for badminton states that they have been paying the requisite charges on time.

3. Due to the lack of agreement and lack of willingness to improve this situation, I see no progress. Charges are 800 rupees per hour(a slot reserved for four or eight players as a badminton game usually takes 10-15 minutes on an average.)

4. Despite many visits and many articles in press-situation remains as it was. More or less.

15:01 PM badminton hall Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

English and Hindi!

1. Let the reason lead.

2. I had a nice cup of elaichi tea after a not-so-nice plate of finger-chips this evening. Birds are returning to their homes and ants are still at work at large.

3. What’s the difference between rabbits and ants when referring to colonies?

4. An: is pronounced the same way N is pronounced. While teaching my only student it was highlighted once again. How do you differentiate between a black object that absorbs all light and an empty space? Practically-both of them leave same impression on eyes: none. Whatsoever.

5. A single interlocutor, a single student does magic to ideaphorea. Perhaps, more than a bunch of them because you’re more in your element. In latter case you’re wondering about how to maximize gains.

6. RTI: right to information. 2005 AD. Electric current. Many sectors of business and market are fighting with absolute scarcity of water, electric and funds. OTOH, many other superfluous and proud(even smug) people are wasting it overtime. Marriages, birthday parties, hotels, universities and houses of middle and upper middle class.

Most worrying is law enforcement agencies like police department, municipal corporation and such violating and condoning stealing of electric, land and other means of livelihood for “samrath ko nahi dosh gosaai…” And other such bullshit and completely exacting rigorous standards in case of poor. Rich gets richer and vice versa.

Happy to be poor. Happy to be happy. Yadda yadda.

7. RTI 2005 : subsection 140 imposes fines in excess of 10000 rupees with imprisonment for stealing electric. What would you do when entire municipal corporation and law enforcement is party to violations? They can’t all be WRONG ? No. They can’t be. They read one book. They eat one gutka. They watch one cricket league. They bat. They bet. You betcha. Better watch your back ya. Meanwhile:

Chiva’s regal versus blackdog? No. Elaichi tea here costs just ten rupees because man versus machine gives in favor of man.
I used to sit here. PNC and others ensured that I felt ill at ease. Now it’s over.
Traveling destroys some illusions and creates some others. UGK
1033. Does it work? 101 didn’t work in Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh for me during a cricket tournament.
I saw places which were dark.

Why Did Nagendra Quit Playing?

1. Nagendra was one of the players I came across as I began to frequent the badminton hall of pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh.

2. Initially he tried to mock me with his friends but gradually he told me his name and let me interview him.

3. Recently a few new players wanted to join but because of lack of availability of slots they were denied access.

4. Today morning I called Nagendra up as MR was waiting for players to show up. You might be surprised how little these players know about each other for the simple reason that they need not to. I was happy to help and found out to my surprise that Nagendra had quit. After initial shock was over I realised it’s his routine to play only when weather is clement.

5. This reminded me of how I used to shun reading and other activities for the want of better weather; especially after having been to Bangalore.

Unique pattern: all players were wearing white shirts yesterday!
Shatabdi Ground!

There might not be anymore posts on Nagendra till November. Rishabh was interviewed by me and he also seems to have disappeared. I feel it’s alright.

Myers Briggs Type Indicators!

On the what’sapp group The Book Club: Milind posted a test. Test seems to be interesting:

1. A baby is crying.

2. It’s raining outside. Clothes hanging out there are getting wet.

3. Doorbell is ringing.

4. Phone is ringing.

5. The water is running from tap.

You’re supposed to arrange these activities in the order you would give precedence to. The designer of the test gets to understand many things based on your response:For example: how do you deal with emergencies? Are you more interested in human machine or nonhuman machine? What’s your understanding of nature? And so on.

Out of box: to not to participate in the tests might indicate: unwillingness to socialize. Might mean different things based on the context : for example: it might mean that the subject believes- examiner isn’t broad enough to perceive profundity of the situation. In which case it’s better to tackle the source of the problems itself: EMERGENCIES: what causes them?

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