Super conjunctions!

I am able to see with my naked bespectacled eyes: this super transitory conjunction between Jupiter and Mars in the sign of Pisces. Though they might be millions of miles apart: they appear to be speaking to each other. One degree.

The matrices and patrices send mimetic agents. Their offshoots are oblivious to their own origins or unwilling to participate. There goes rnd down the drain.

04:03 AM 29.05.2022 Chhatarpur w23lp114

Edited: 18:15 30.05.2022

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(Matdaan: Voting::Mataadaan:? ) Hoefflin’s Analogies Test
Will be punished. If you dare to go with BOB. No response to my email because no chips are available from Hongkong. Poor BoB!
Escalation? WTF are you talking about?
New visit yesterday. Two months and counting. You thought they were only after your money. What’s it with time of penniless people?
Apart from the technical Hindi errors, the inaugural stone reminds me of movie “In Time.”
Some political promotion: Surname is usually Baajpeyi. Here it’s Baachpei. What’s in a name?
Soon visits begin. University was clean, is clean and will remain clean. Stadium. NCC and Shatabdi belong to staff and board. I am not going to own them! Stop shouting!!
Clean, neat, beautiful stadium minus broken shards of wine bottles. All four seasons here!
Can you spot the coin. The five rupee coin? Forgetful brothers, mothers and such might cause you great harm.
Hemant, Ravindra, Lakhan, Johndoe, Jhondoe, Rajkishore, Manish, Shahid, Dileep, Rajendra, Puneet, Awadhesh, Anand, Vipul, Amit, Chandan, Suyash, Ambar, Vinay, Naveen, Prashant, Abhishek, Abhishek, Anil, Preeti, Johndoe, Babita, Ajita, Anuradha, Ravindra, Iti, Sonali, Sneha, Richa, Ruchi, Neetu, John Doe, John Doe, Pradeepti, Shashi, Shammi, Pragya, Namrata, Sangeeta

Twilight: Peace

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