Law abiding citizens?

1. I walked for three hours inside Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India this morning after taking English language coaching class for a class ninth student.

2. I didn’t enter badminton hall today even at once in the morning. Usually I do enter to watch games. When I entered the hall finally: it was at about 15:27 pm. All the lights were lit up. There were no players.


4. I assume they were on since morning. They were on for about three hours or more.

5. I know it’s not the first instance when they have been left on due to negligence.

6. There were frequent power cuts at Tata Motors’ service center where power was needed for services due to which the work which needs only half an hour took more than three hours.

7. If you look at this wastage of electric power due to negligence and on purpose: it’s actually gigantic. Despite the law. It’s one of the reasons for economic situation. People who steal in groups are rewarded.

8. RTI 2005 and Electric Power Law subsection 2003/140 states that wasting electric on purpose is a criminal offence.

9. My repeatedly reporting this is of no consequence.

10. Stance of players: “no we don’t have time to switch it off. We are paying for our slot.”

11. Staff members: “they’re paying barely enough for electric bill and they demand cleanliness as well as new mat on court.”

12. Rishabh is leaving soon. Only player who had participated in a national level event about a decade ago. To play a sport is considered healthy but it’s not as easy as it seems to be able to afford it.

13. Rishabh told me why it’s a waste of time and money to play badminton. Despite all the glory showered on a handful of people in award ceremonies: bitter truth of sports life in India isn’t much different from the bitter truth about rest of the public life: unemployment, population explosion, pollution and so on. And I am not even pretending to discredit current regimen in this regard: since my school days I have only found worsening of matters.

14. Hypocrisy, buying and selling of members of parliament, bribery, waste of public funds on purpose, mafia and nepotism is the zeitgeist of the day. Public is mirrored in leadership and leadership is mirrored in public. Meanwhile: my friend who bought a new car told me about being able to cover the distance to Bhopal( the capital of the state) in four hours. It used to be eight hours in my college days.

101/RTI2005Electric140/SwachChh Bharat Abhiyaan!

Outdated filters in RO purifier diesel mixed water! No electric, no water. Sometimes it works. Keep mum!
Keep mum. All is fine!

1. I saw a fire brigade vehicle outside the police lines petrol pump Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India. The driver was eating a burnt samosa.

2. I asked them how many vehicles they have. They told me they have three vehicles in their department and nine people in total in their staff.

3. I asked them why 101 didn’t work in case of a fire emergency during Madhav Mishra Memorial Night Cricket Tournament. They told me that we need to first dial up the control room and then 101.

4. Here’s the control room number provided by them:


5. They also suggested me to use 100 for such emergencies. It’s supposed to work faster.

6. The question is: if there’s a catch-control room with 101: why is it pasted like a nostrum along with 100/108/109 in all public offices?


1. We are reaching there.

2. Soon India will be a developed nation and five trillion dollars economy.

3. Washrooms will be clean and your voices will be heard. No unemployment.

Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan Chhatarpur won a prize very recently!!! Let’s celebrate birthdays!
Half hearted efforts to paste an advertisement inside a clean urinal
This brandy bottle was empty now it’s full! Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan!! Yay!!

4. The bottle has SUNNY(Gavaskar logo) written on it. Do you see the bottle as half empty or half full or both?

Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan clean urinal Police Lines Petrol pump Chhatarpur
RTI 2005, Law for Electric Power subsection 140

5. The Ayush office was inaugurated on 17-09-2018. Needless to say: yashashvi pm celebrates his birthday on this day. It was kinda gift. The law is same for all people and this picture was taken today morning at about 11:00 AM. Electric department is out there to give prize for bravery provided you report negligence/waste on purpose. Dial 1912 and try. Be wary of police, mafia and relatives of electric board: which means BE WARY. You might win the prize but lose your life.

6. Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh is the only premise I visit on a regular basis. I observe wastage of electric due to negligence. I observe similar wastage in the house I live in but it’s not by me. I try to save electric. People take me to be a fool. RTI 2005. Electric subsection 2003/140 is a punishable offence. Not if it’s being wasted by municipal corporation or government.

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