Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India

1. As I was reading an article on beach it occurred to me that the way it’s pronounced in Hindi is beech which means middle. The Sanskrit word contributing to pure Hindi would be Madhya. Madhya contributes to madhyam, maddham(mild) etc. In a way it’s true that it defines ‘the wet sand between water and land.’ The word might have been brought by ships which came exploring India for I am unsure about its origins. Middle part between vast waters of ocean and land is illusory for you don’t know where one ends and the other begins.

2. Tsunami and deluge. Tsunami sounds like it’s a word with ‘su’ prefix to nami which means name. Thus tsunami would translate to Hindi as ‘something which has a good name.’ Noah’s arc.

3. Noah is the name of a neighborhood dog barking from rooftop. I was reading about Noah Webster’s groundbreaking work for American English language. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were inventors and statesmen who had to master almost every department of living in their days to make it worth their while and a few centuries later people thought they were universal geniuses, polymaths and so on. Some people were at some places at some times and they were recorded as significant causes for certain changes which were taking place. This made them heroes or villains of their times.

4. Eh? In the same book, in the same chapter I read a bit about how distinct Canadian English language is. So far I was under the impression that ‘eh?’ was originally a British usage.


5. Tea in red earthenware tastes different from the tea in led glasses and it tastes different in chinaware.

Forehead forrid got rid of lot of ids.

For head heads along shores of reason!

Resplendent chores resonate.

Ate very late ait it ain’t tainted candidates.

Dates gone through rough terrain rain.

Sedate see date sea seed deed mead enneadeaneedeinnuendoubtincturemnantennamesakeratosisisiestabaniditestamentationoumenoesisomercuriallohistoricitylightsimsummummerbonermuremburgermanemoneonoununthelessonoonomatopoeiaitingentryennobitamarinderfurorteutonicussuctionorwaygianniversaryoursuresowonincompoopooperandindinabulationowheretowithalamustardentistrystitmeanswhatitmeanswerinematodensemesnescafelinefelicitylightswiftightwaddlepatenetsukeynoteemingdynastylustrousudorifictionoisenamibiamberserkierkeguardenmarksmanshipwreckedeckierkegaardurockrasterlingastronomicalculusumplumugwumpunterrafirmamenthollonovembermudaldantianictitatemesisonatammyosemiteparkouroustaboutoutiffinnishinbonetzahummingbirdswordswardebturfulcrumuttermitenthgatengentryonderratapatanamnameowlowlifencesernebraskamikazephyrodentistrystutahattahamburgermannahannahunchopinchinchinatihullabalustradeleteriousufructsimcardoorwaywardennearmarkedofficecoolooccludenowinsomentholoninzaturtlensecarticleonasmeraldaldampsonoshoguntiedinteger

Bonus track:

Thanks for the memory,
Of sentimental verse,
Nothing in my purse,
And chuckles,
When the preacher said
For better or for worse,
How lovely it was!

6. Attention span of goldfish is greater than human attention span.

Psychology section: UNWFP Free Rice game.

Like dreams that which has no beginning or end has no middle either!


Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar?

Wikipedia: Educational courtesy!
Google search
UNWFP: Free Rice: Psychology section!
Milestone blue LEGAND!
Moonbeams home in a jar!

1. I was listening to AFI’s 100 years 100 songs playlist on Google Spotify when I came across this track. Music composed by Jimmy Van Heusen and lyrics by Johnny Burke. I might have come across this one last year when I was watching classic movies from Hollywood.

2. However what I didn’t appreciate last year was lyrics. These used to be tagline of Willem from Belgium. I asked him what his forum name meant: William as in Williamthe protector he told. I never forgot it afterwards but his tagline seemed like it was picked off from some nursery rhymes book. His avatar actually reflected it as a boy hanging on a Moonbeam.

3. Willem was one of the moderators on forum. Susan who had her birthday recently was the admin of this small forum known as The Couch. Paul used to do technical support time-to-time and Brian aka Monk2400 aka Midnight monk was Philosophy major. Henry Quirk from Voice of Lafayette, Louisiana was there for a while. He was also on Mad Philosophers where I first interacted with Chinese philosopher Xanthos who after a heated debate on The Couch moved onto a Science discussion forum.

4. Incidentally, United Nations World Food Programme website Free Rice introduced two new categories in their free gaming section which educates and helps you help alleviate the hunger in the world: Psychology and Economics.

Thus they now have 54 categories instead of 52. Psychology section had a question with a grammatical mistake in the last option. I tried to notify them of it on Facebook where I had previously interacted with one of their technical supports. (The Couch and Psychology section)

5. Needless to say that the correct answer in the question shown associates watching more television with unhappiness. Couch potato is another term associated with this pattern.

6. The second last image in this sequence of images has a menu of liquor items I saw this evening as we went to buy a drink for my friend who drinks regularly and needs company. Legend is spelt as LEGAND. You need to click onto the picture of menu and amplify the resolution to be able to spot it. It shall be a test for your seriousness. Else: never mind fir else fur Elise Elijah ah!

7. Full moon for this month of Jyeshtha constellation is celebrated as birthday of Kabir. After my research I noticed that full moon days were assumed to be birthdays of saints and mystics no matter what their exact birthdays were. In case of Kabir birth month might be accurate. Since Jyeshtha Sun is hottest in this part of globe: Moon merely reflects that lustre. Hence Kabir( al-kabir a name of God in Quran which means ‘the great one’ ) as the name suggests has most illustrious moon for his birthday.

Twelfth of June!

1. Yesterday, I left in time to capture some images to be used to compose this article.

2. I got a call from a friend before I left. He wanted to meet casually but then took me to a barber’s saloon where he got shaved while I insisted to walk in stadium. Thus my twilight was spent on a bench watching traffic police giving challan receipts to violators near Ambedkar statue.

3. The stone outside the badminton hall of Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India is worn out because of passage of time since its inception. It was inaugurated on Twelfth of June in the year nineteen ninety four by chief minister of Madhya Pradesh state Digvijaya Singh. Now it’s difficult to identify if it was on second of June or twelfth of June as the number one is illegible. Synchronicity: it was a Sunday on the day of inauguration of the hall. It was a Sunday yesterday as well.

4. My inclination to often write about this hall stems from my early boyhood memory of visiting stadium and this hall with Lallu aka Aditya Dwivedi. He was elder to me and introduced me to terms like Stadium/Pavilion. It took me some time to clearly comprehend the difference. Recently I read a tweet from Tendulkar where he used term pillion. This word is similar to the word pavilion in structure but means a rider accompanying another. I used to be a pillion on bicycle driven by Lallu bhaiyaa. He used to eat only a bit between two rounds to stadium and mimicked Kishore Kumar very well.

5. The last image is GI iron alloyed poles to be installed in place of old ones which used to act as goal posts for football game so far. In a ceremony held to inaugurate some scheme by chief minister of Madhya Pradesh India a heavy tent was pitched and poles were uprooted. Two pairs now rest before Gymnashium Hall and East Side pavilion stairs. The installation has been pending with the risk of any animal or youngsters falling in those four ditches.

6. Tenders have been invited for renovation of floor plan and other activities inside the badminton hall. There have been many discussions, petitions and publications for the same before an official visit from a UGC committee.

7. If I failed to find out what RFS stood out for it’s clearly futile to try to find out the meaning of acronym AKV on one of the poles.

8. I am listening to music. Unchained melody was discovered when I watched 1990 movie Ghost and then I found that it has many versions.

Unchained melody:

“…And time goes by so slowly…and time can do so much…” Alex North and co. Righteous brothers.

Alex North and Hy Zaret

9. Here’s a Tohu to celebrate twenty eight years of badminton hall stone:

Battledore Dumbledore,

Adore adore!

POonA Pune Juna June!

Jejune junebug bugsbunny hunny!
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