Dharma Bull!

Look at how ‘Khelkood’ is written! Courtesy: Maharaja Chhatrasal Bundelkhand University

1. Haldiram gives 130 kcal for 5 rupees.

2. Thumbs up gives 100 kcal for 20 rupees.

3. Cold bottle of drink with caffeinated sugary water helps you feel better by removing gas out of your system. The value is seasonal. In case of gram flour based Haldiram Ratlami Sev product: the value stands irrespective of seasons. Airtight pack is crisp and spicy.

4. That’s why thumbs up costs four times as much as Ratlami Sev.

5. Ratlam is a place in Madhya Pradesh, India.

May 23, 2022. W23 LP 114

Moon : A thousand stars. Shatabhishaj. Neptune. Venus. Jupiter. Saturn. Rabbits. Wealthy people. Pisces. Healers.

Kalyaan Dharmshala at bus stand Cahhatarpur costs 350 rupees per night. Where’s Dharma? See below:
Dharma is looking for scrapes. Bread crumbs. Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan 2022, May 22, Night. Bus stand Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh India!
What are they upto at this hour of night? In a hurry…
Elàichi tea. Kulhad Wala. Emphasis on Earth.
Fast paced walking with a friend for about two kilometres.

International Museum Day 2022

After shower!
Before shower: standing like a dinosaur. Can you spot the cosmic serpent pointing to the Aries?
I use two hundred rupees only once every month. This gives you a good idea about how sound I am economically.
Spring: Romance and education.
Autumn. Philosophy and beauty!

1. Most of the stones in the Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium were inaugurated in Autumn and Spring.

2. Strangely: one of them was inaugurated on June 12th 1994. It was near solar equinox. It was inaugurated when Sun rays are scorching.

3. Badminton hall stone is the one I am speaking about. Players here not only get injured physically time to time but also face extreme heat in evening.

Just observe how ‘construction’ is written. My analyses would be focussed on Hindi and Style: you need not worry too much about the red tape!
12.06.1994: Summer. Pain and injury.

4. Astitva:

4.1: Yesterday I saw two accident sites.

4.2: Today I again saw dogs eating grass.

4.3: It’s International Museums Day.

Chinmayananda. Radhakrishnan. Lajpatrai. Tagore

Coins in the order of number of years invested in the release ceremony:

A. Swami Chinmayananda’s birth centenary. 2015 AD

B. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s 125th birth anniversary. 2015 AD

C. Lala Lajpat Rai’s 150th birth anniversary. 2015 AD

D. Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary 2011 AD

It’s obvious that three of them were contemporary. 2011 movie ‘In Time’ is one of my favourites these days.

4.4 It’s where morning classes are being conducted at present:

Divide and rule: part university, part sarcasm!

4.5: Yesterday’s keywords:




What kind of enigma would have all its cgrades or cigarettes open in its creation(s)?


As it is.

Asti. Va.

It’s a difficult-to-read word for my student. There are two letters which represent lightweight syllables. The formula I discovered today was not empirical evidence for the development of Devnagari/Sanskrit but, still works in this case. Matra means volume or quantity. Matri. Matrix. Maria. Mary. Half letters carry forward to advanced full letters.

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