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The Whole Story!

Circa 2002: Drinkable water plan by municipal corporation!
09.03.2002: Water!!!!!
Slogans in Hindi: appeals to save water, Nowgong, Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India
Just outside the Public Service Center Nowgong
Same. Ibid.
More slogans to save water
Slogan: If you waste water, you would suffer from thirst!
Slogans to save water…
Manager’s Cabin, Public Service Center Nowgong


1. There was no water to wash your hands or to use the restroom. Public only wants to play office-office of Musaddi Lal.

2. Musaddi Lal is father of Shahid Kapoor.

3. Shahid Kapoor is protagonist of Udta Punjab.

4. Delhi versus Punjab versus Lucknow : hence everything is alright. Chillax.

5. Gulzar says: Gum dil ke pub chulbul pan day hai paa knee key ye bull bull aye hain bush te hain ban te rehte hain.

Do give credit to Rehman for such fine music!