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01/06/2022: Would I be able to make it here on that day? How long does it take to cleanse a tank with the capacity to hold 1100000 litre water?


1. It’s not obvious to students that poetry abd mathematics are basically exercises for imagination.

2. If you figure the first one out clearly: all you are left with is: imagination for exercises.

3. A terminated line is a line segment. Modern ideas about it are different from Euclid’s. Euclid emphasizes upon potential for limitless.

4. Sunday, Monday and Friday are easiest to learn by heart for young students whose first language is not English.

5. Thursday. Saturday. Wednesday and Tuesday:


Sa(turd)ay? Aye. A guy was literally making turd under pavilion stairs in Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh. It’s not (open) defecation as far as defecation in public is concerned. I was taking my breakfast near Laal Bahadur and a dog was sitting near me. I offered it a roti but it didn’t accept my offering. One out of its four legs is dysfunctional. Another dramatic event happened couple of days ago as I was going back to my place in night. A white dog pissed on a tyre. The tyre belonged to a car with a nameplate. Then and there a guy says ladies. It’s a keyword for dogs. Ladies tailors shop. The ration store guy reaches to neighborhood shop.

5. Pramod Soni tea stall guy asks me if I had not paid for tea this morning. Usually I pay. I paid a five rupees coin before moving to take class. His younger brother somehow forgot and created a scene.

6. Indian Oil petrol pump has no water at nine o’ clock this morning. Strange. No electric power in Choubey Colony Chhatarpur and no drinking water at government sponsored institutions. Why are we subject to government taxes and laws then?

7. It seems my tweet reached Elon Musk. And he recognised me as a bot. Next: as Ajey Nagar got a role in Runway 34, Musk got a role in Age of Ultron and Trump got a role in Area 51; I might get a role? Roll?

8. Are you jonking me? Honking a horn to me from Hong Kong?

9. Conclusion with Euclid:

Euthanasia. SiamanG. Shymang. Eumang.

You mango?

No man goes.

Han Dynasty?

Haan haan Honda City.

You clid slid jumped off the cliff with a stiff upper liff. Slipped slid pied piper pert lid. Bid adieu. No due. Duel. Deuce.

10. If right angle was 100 degree$?

What would be owl vision?

Answer: 400 degrees.

11. Why ninth harmonic? Cicadas all around. Sun moves to Bull. Uranus shit hit wickets kit-kat. Skid SCAD. Tightwad.