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A Friday!

Cool: Big and Small: Ants. How much advanced they’re in the prediction of rainfall?
Still not open!
Junkies versus Trainees? What’s it they’re fighting for?
Sentences with periods
Should I send an email?
Look at the date!
How many sentences?
Assessment: 06/05/2022
Vaddhi or Vriddhi? Third last word in the second sentence, which usually means: ‘an increase.’
05/05/2022: I am telling you;
05/05/2022: it’s not about cleanliness in rest room for males;
06/05/2022: but about a bet, over a five rupees note;

Two pigeons in the badminton hall of pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India.

1. This article contains 16 images with captions. All of them were captured by the author of this WordPress weblog. Courtesy: Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India and Municipal Corporation Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India.

2. Chutki: Mouth Freshener:

MRP: rupees 01


Model Chutki!

3. With fssai license number: 13320003000038: mint is very appealing. Not for minors. Contains: Sodium & Sacchrine. Qualifies as ‘Sasta Nasha’ or ‘Cheap Intoxicant.’

4. I was watching Carryislive yesterday night before going to bed. What’s happening? Not appealing at all. I have either been unable to connect or found that something was terribly wrong with CarryMinatiVerse.

5. Chutki is manufactured by KRISHNA PACKAGING : 366, Patparganj Industrial Area.

6. After 16 days of tutorial classes, my student in class ninth was able to copy a four sentences long note with only one spelling mistake. His handwriting is improving.

7. Suresh Publishers from UP mentioned in the image caption above didn’t put periods after illustrative sentences. I am pondering over whether to send them an email because such communication yields very little if anything at all. Why do I need to use Gyaan Sagar basic book worth rupees ten intended for standard first students to educate a standard ninth student? Despite the fact that he’s a master shef earning well? Doesn’t make my job easier especially when I am being paid five hundred rupees per month.