Summer Cramps!

Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh
Sumit and friends!
Basketball court and the banyan tree!
Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter
27.05.2022 there’s a cake and everyone wants the biggest piece

1. As I left my bed this morning-a harmonious pair of conjunctions was visible in the eastern skies: Waning Moon on twelfth day was very close to Venus–the bright morning star and Jupiter was resplendent with Mars.

2. Those who intend to study conjunctions, their impacts and such should take note of these soft aspects in Aries and Pisces, respectively as per the sidereal zodiac.

3. It’s a Friday. Fish market nearby. Ramses is no longer house of Sun. Bull is.

4. Summer camps and cramps go hand-in-hand. There are groups to facilitate training for teenagers.

5. There are at least seven to eight groups if you take the police batches into account. They all share this ground together within a small gap of two hours–which is mostly- six to eight o’ clock.

6. About 500 people from various age groups and strata of population but most of them teenagers and youngsters below twenty five years of age practice sports of their choice to stay fit and even to make it their career.

7. Municipal corporation has been providing water supplies since summer camp began. Washrooms have no water.

8. There are two unfurnished washrooms inside pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh. One of them used to have some water after the function in which chief minister of this state wasted a lot of money on billboards and cutouts without visibly improving any amenities of the locale he was visiting.

9. Now the motor which fills the tank of the washroom has gone awry. No budget for repair after UGC team visit. The remaining of the pipes in the washroom have been torn apart by BOYZ of boyz will be boyz clubs.

As told by the staff (edited 28.05.2022 07:04 AM)

10. Some of the kids are weaving their dreams here. Some young men and women preparing their last before they end up getting jobs they are very likely to stick to for the rest of their lives.

11. Sumit is beginning to grasp the essence of what it means to be a teenager.

12. Sumit is fifteen.

13. Zan wrote A House is not a Home. The autobiographical sketch was adopted by National Council For Educational Research and Training as suitable material to be taught for grade ninth students in India. Earlier this text book was used only by Central Board for Secondary Education, now it’s used by Madhya Pradesh Education Board as well.

14. Nostalgia is essence of the chapter. Instead of making him hear the Hindi meaning of the lesson first I took the approach of going through questions and answers. It created an understanding of grasping the requisite focussed reading attitude which also helps him in examinations which test his reading comprehension. Moments is a supplementary reading textbook with Beehive being the main text book.

15. Alienation. Lack of belonging. Missing father. Pets. New connections. Finding life with happiness is main theme of the text under the prime head of teenager’s life crisis.

16. How to spell teen words?








As you can see: Thirteen doesn’t follow three. Four, Six, Seven easily convert. Fifteen is tricky. Not fiveteen. Eightteen. No, since eight already has a ‘t’ at its end. Whoever said English is easy to master.

16. Home is where the heart is.

Some say it’s on the left. Others on the right. Others can’t find it yet.

17. Ho! Me! Ho! Use!

Ho ho ho!

Christ Mass, Santa claus

Looks like Ho me!

To use or not to use is subject to abject copyright inject eject reject ectopic ectomorphic fiction


Noon: May 13, 2022
Video 02: Badminton hall Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 13/05/2022

1. Dearth of images today. How many images might be there in the video above?

2. Friday the thirteenth: Triskaidekaphobia.

3. Smell of fishes. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Gate number two.

4. Yesterday. Bob Dylan’s Tambourine Man:

“Let me forget about today until tomorrow.”

5. When you’ve nothing to look forward to you look backwards.

6. Foofaraw:

Among all words I learned about relationships: this stood out.

Aunt. Uncle. Foofaraw?

Why foofa was raw?

Because he was a big-to-do.

Raw garlic, raw Ginger and Robert Anton Wilson.

Ores, chores and cores,

The meaning of the word means : big-to-do.

7. Discovering Foofaraw was akin to discovery of Maafidar: a proprietor. The surname means that the family were feudal lords in the business of forgiving loans of their vassals like political leaders working on behalf of government forgiving loans of suicidal farmers. Can’t provide euthanasia.

8. Zarayam?

Yam. Yaam. Yummy. A bit of yam.

9. Sabbatical. Bahubali and others ensure that BOB is dysfunctional. Or was it always so?

Official argument on behalf of Bank of Baroda:

“Due to lack of availability of chips from Taiwan/China we aren’t able to provide our customers ATM cards.”

Customers like me must be fools. April fools.

“We are open to open your account with zero balance.” ATM card might be subject to debate and Remo D’Souza’s performance in Britain’s got latent tent House!

The branch manager told that he himself was waiting for his ATM and then forgot about it. Let’s share Sonpaapdi!
Analysis one.

1. It’s about time: elections are due.

2. I was taken to this site before formation of Yogi Government. Or to put words lightly: before UP elections.

3. 1: Heading seems stuffed. No space between words: not open to criticism of any type.

3.2: Second head: Lagat Rashi or Expenses:

521,47/ lakh

One lakh is 100000.

The cost is strange. What does it mean?

For every 100000, 521,47 was spent?


Come again?

What are they talking about?

Aha, democracy!

3.3: Why don’t you put EVM in Hindi/Devnagari? PIU/PWD. This nation doesn’t want to know. It wants some paan masala and peppermint. A bit of cgrade and cheap alcohol. We are happy to be happy. 😁😁😁

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