Unsuspecting masses!

Sanchalit or Sanlalit?

1. Big poster. Big cutouts. What for? Education. Distance education. Just below the name: in-your-face SANLALIT course is the Hindi heading for courses offered in distance learning :

There are five categories offered. These courses help you advance your career in education business.

2. Elementary education offered in Hindi is enough to teach the difference between Sanchalit and Sanlalit. It’s a typo. The question arises: an institute offering these courses mounts a poster worth 15000 rupees at many locations: why do they leave such errors?

3. What actually happens in such institutions is not hidden from anyone. Why did the editors team let this poster go out? Is it being careless or smug or following the trend set by today’s Hindi newspapers and political leaders?

4. Below the image of director: Sanchalak which means Conductor or Director. Why not Sanlalak for Sanlalit courses?

5. Here’s a song to celebrate:


Chaska Chai Ka!

Another cafe located nearby. Machine is there but never used. The boy took holiday recently. It’s relatively quiet. Only place where elaichi tea is offered for ten rupees. Coffee is for fifteen rupees per serving. They also hesitate to serve an individual, obviously for time and effort put doesn’t give good returns. Mint tea is there on the menu without actually being given out. Manpower lacking. Machine shut down.

7. I was struggling with machinery for a while recently. Dogs were howling the night before yesterday and someone died recently. Howling of dogs usually is not a good omen. Now candidates for elections for local wards are out from all major political parties. Some of these people are going to become richer by virtue of rich gets richer principle without there really being any change in the shape of events or current state-of-affairs. You should feel fortunate to see their exalted faces in their humblest of days, afterwards they rarely descend down from their utility vehicles.

8. One of my friends: a positive thinker who appreciates the world at large for obvious reasons went as far ahead to say that current DM was letting the wild expansion (hijacking) of his bungalow go back to what it used to be. I thought he might be true because he’s in the circle where people often get to hear ethical discourses from his excellency. The result actually was: broadening of highway on the other side of divider without giving upon the expansion by his excellency. I was dead right in my assumption: as usual my positive thinker friend was using gossip mode in hyperactive imagination. These people, when they’re two or three of them start appreciating eachother with terms like cultural icon, maharaj, dau, this or that: obviously because life is good for nothing and we should continue to add value by being poetic for people around us.

9. If politicians have taught them anything: it’s to never discuss ideas where they had spoken something which was grossly inadequate. Loudly speak on issues where you can and leave the rest to unsuspecting masses.

The Story of English!

The Story of English

1. I am reading this book by Robert McCrum, William Cran and Robert MacNeil. Just completed reading preface today.

2. It was in my cellar with couple of old journals. On August 20th, 2009 I entrusted fifty books to my sibling along with many journals in Bhopal as I was planning to move to Pune for a job in an IT firm.

3. Later, I burnt away all the journals except some which were eaten away by termite. Collection of the books was meagre. It was not reflective of what I actually read during four years of college as I was a member of British Library in Bhopal. I was lazy to visit library regularly. I preferred reading articles on websites in a nearby internet cafe. It was inception for Jimmy Wales’ Wikipedia: always in dire need for funds these days. I found it to be a wonderful source of information. I kept reading criticism which refused to regard it as an authentic source of information in debates. I began frequenting discussion forums like The Couch and Mad Philosophers on internet. They were a help in those days.

4. I don’t remember where I found this book. I either bought it second-hand or from a book fair as I used to visit them sometimes. Now as I rarely read any books I think it would be a good idea to read it. There’s a Whatsapp group which was created with an intention to discuss some ideas and new books but all we do over there is to share some jokes and news.

5. The rate at which this language evolved and grew in vocabulary is in itself a miracle. We engineering students; well most of us, had no idea that this language which created nightmares for us had a very humble database at the times of Shakespeare. Preface emphasizes this fact.

6. If you need any first-hand observations which compare it with any other languages of national importance: take Hindi. Constant abuse and misuse of language is one of the facts highlighted in day-to-day life. Hindi dictionaries were rarely bought and sold in the decades I grew up in this country. There’s almost no effort to preserve the language and improve it as literati did it especially during Indian struggle for independence against British. You find misspellings and inaccurate grammar in Hindi newspapers with most powerful circulation. You find the same in campaign slogans for religious, political and educational movements. No wonder this lack of discipline is merely a reflection of attitude of Hindi belt. Bengali and Tamil speaking regions have treated their language with much greater discipline and care.

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