Men of Action!

Note: This article doesn’t need a very high level of intelligence.

1. I took a mini bath with water using the Lalbahadur nearby. Lalbahadur is the code word for a handpump (reference: Peepli Live–a Bollywood movie in Hindi language released about a decade ago.)

2. I had a walk in the scorching heat of Jyeshtha this noon. A walk after a tea. An elaichi tea worth ten rupees.

3. As predictable as it gets: being the election season: there weren’t many options for cafes. It doesn’t take The Truman Show level of expenses to get my due of opinion in the feedback machinery.

4. As I stayed in the cafe: I kept hearing the conversation between two other visitors who were already present. They appeared to be elders in age and yet they were interested in the Moosewala assassination, which really surprised me. I just googled to ensure if assasination was preferable over murder here.

5. It immediately struck me: they were interested in the details of killing. One of them highlighted the statement in media reports that if assassinated person was carrying enough cartridges he would have survived.

5.1: “Security wasn’t as tight as it should have been,” didn’t seem to come to the minds of these visitors.

5.2: Their discussion soon made it clear that they were thinking about it from the viewpoint of first persons. What would they have done if it had happened to them? They have been in conflicts and reptilian brain is hyperactive in them.

5.3: I knew nothing about Moosewala when the event was reported. Prior to it: Siddhu we all knew was Navjot Singh, cricketer-turned-politician who was sentenced for an year inside prison. I had examined his stars. I examined stars of Moosewala as well.

5.4: With Jaimini Atmakaraka in Pisces : I realised that he was meritorious and attained final liberation as per Parashara.

5.5: Mars was still immature. He was a pop star and Mars matures by the age of twenty eight.

5.6: Coming back to visitors in cafe: there are usually two types of people: men of action and men of thought. They belonged to former.

5.7: Such people act first and think later.

5.8: Other arguments about this event I heard were in line with “cause of his death was promoting gun culture in youth.”

5.9: The question is: would he be celebrated like Che Guevara on t-shirts of Punjabi youth in generations to come? That’s what matters as far as legacy is concerned. Why did he die so young?

6. There’s another group which advocates predestination especially in the matters of birth, marriages, death etc. They say: the age of a person is fixed before birth because of merits. It becomes a simple escape for people unwilling to work for their longevity. Live however you want because death is certain when the day arrives. Or the night.

No violent man dies a natural death.


This post is dedicated to director of Schizopolis The featured image was captured by me in the city stadium this morning.

Another Saturnine Saturday!

Another version of assessment table for handwriting practice

1. Had to make multiple calls before student appeared for the class.

2. This guy is involved in family business. On weekends they’re too busy to attempt homework. His homework was sloppier compared to one on Thursday.

3. I politely told him that my assessments actually put him in the standard third or fourth. He’s studying in class ninth. It’s the case with most of the Hindi medium students who need to work to support their families. He’s able to support his family by being able to cook and cater fast food. After some years of training he’s able to manage the counter in evening on his own.

4. Effectively he earns more than his English teacher. That, however, doesn’t absolve the system for his below par academic achievement.

5. Covid played a role in shaping his career up. He’s an aspirant for Judo. His father has been engaged as a curator of ground and sports are natural for their family.

6. Unless he masters reading and writing in Hindi, which is his first language, it’s difficult to convey anything at all in English.

Why do I keep this note?
Chai Shai Adda!

1. I finally got to meet the owner of the cafe.

2. Quickly told him about being a local guide level six on Google maps.

3. Told him how I edited his cafe’s address. The thing is: if a patron wants to edit details about a business on Google maps: it treats them as a business manager. If this person is merely a regular visitor without being a manager or unable to contact the business owner: changing details is almost impossible.


Reviewing what?

The cancelled out(stricken through) details aren’t the one I edited.

They were like this:

Babulal Churvedi Stidum

I changed them to:

Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium: which are authentic as per the record.


Can you spot the birdie?

After 12081 steps of walk: I was relaxing.

There was a bunch of students shooting a group video. I couldn’t get a chance to speak to them.

It’s about time I research about a strange tweet I received yesterday from Carryislive team. I didn’t wish it Happy Birthday.

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