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Another Saturnine Saturday!

Another version of assessment table for handwriting practice

1. Had to make multiple calls before student appeared for the class.

2. This guy is involved in family business. On weekends they’re too busy to attempt homework. His homework was sloppier compared to one on Thursday.

3. I politely told him that my assessments actually put him in the standard third or fourth. He’s studying in class ninth. It’s the case with most of the Hindi medium students who need to work to support their families. He’s able to support his family by being able to cook and cater fast food. After some years of training he’s able to manage the counter in evening on his own.

4. Effectively he earns more than his English teacher. That, however, doesn’t absolve the system for his below par academic achievement.

5. Covid played a role in shaping his career up. He’s an aspirant for Judo. His father has been engaged as a curator of ground and sports are natural for their family.

6. Unless he masters reading and writing in Hindi, which is his first language, it’s difficult to convey anything at all in English.

Why do I keep this note?
Chai Shai Adda!

1. I finally got to meet the owner of the cafe.

2. Quickly told him about being a local guide level six on Google maps.

3. Told him how I edited his cafe’s address. The thing is: if a patron wants to edit details about a business on Google maps: it treats them as a business manager. If this person is merely a regular visitor without being a manager or unable to contact the business owner: changing details is almost impossible.


Reviewing what?

The cancelled out(stricken through) details aren’t the one I edited.

They were like this:

Babulal Churvedi Stidum

I changed them to:

Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium: which are authentic as per the record.


Can you spot the birdie?

After 12081 steps of walk: I was relaxing.

There was a bunch of students shooting a group video. I couldn’t get a chance to speak to them.

It’s about time I research about a strange tweet I received yesterday from Carryislive team. I didn’t wish it Happy Birthday.