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Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India

1. As I was reading an article on beach it occurred to me that the way it’s pronounced in Hindi is beech which means middle. The Sanskrit word contributing to pure Hindi would be Madhya. Madhya contributes to madhyam, maddham(mild) etc. In a way it’s true that it defines ‘the wet sand between water and land.’ The word might have been brought by ships which came exploring India for I am unsure about its origins. Middle part between vast waters of ocean and land is illusory for you don’t know where one ends and the other begins.

2. Tsunami and deluge. Tsunami sounds like it’s a word with ‘su’ prefix to nami which means name. Thus tsunami would translate to Hindi as ‘something which has a good name.’ Noah’s arc.

3. Noah is the name of a neighborhood dog barking from rooftop. I was reading about Noah Webster’s groundbreaking work for American English language. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were inventors and statesmen who had to master almost every department of living in their days to make it worth their while and a few centuries later people thought they were universal geniuses, polymaths and so on. Some people were at some places at some times and they were recorded as significant causes for certain changes which were taking place. This made them heroes or villains of their times.

4. Eh? In the same book, in the same chapter I read a bit about how distinct Canadian English language is. So far I was under the impression that ‘eh?’ was originally a British usage.


5. Tea in red earthenware tastes different from the tea in led glasses and it tastes different in chinaware.

Forehead forrid got rid of lot of ids.

For head heads along shores of reason!

Resplendent chores resonate.

Ate very late ait it ain’t tainted candidates.

Dates gone through rough terrain rain.

Sedate see date sea seed deed mead enneadeaneedeinnuendoubtincturemnantennamesakeratosisisiestabaniditestamentationoumenoesisomercuriallohistoricitylightsimsummummerbonermuremburgermanemoneonoununthelessonoonomatopoeiaitingentryennobitamarinderfurorteutonicussuctionorwaygianniversaryoursuresowonincompoopooperandindinabulationowheretowithalamustardentistrystitmeanswhatitmeanswerinematodensemesnescafelinefelicitylightswiftightwaddlepatenetsukeynoteemingdynastylustrousudorifictionoisenamibiamberserkierkeguardenmarksmanshipwreckedeckierkegaardurockrasterlingastronomicalculusumplumugwumpunterrafirmamenthollonovembermudaldantianictitatemesisonatammyosemiteparkouroustaboutoutiffinnishinbonetzahummingbirdswordswardebturfulcrumuttermitenthgatengentryonderratapatanamnameowlowlifencesernebraskamikazephyrodentistrystutahattahamburgermannahannahunchopinchinchinatihullabalustradeleteriousufructsimcardoorwaywardennearmarkedofficecoolooccludenowinsomentholoninzaturtlensecarticleonasmeraldaldampsonoshoguntiedinteger

Bonus track:

Thanks for the memory,
Of sentimental verse,
Nothing in my purse,
And chuckles,
When the preacher said
For better or for worse,
How lovely it was!

6. Attention span of goldfish is greater than human attention span.

Psychology section: UNWFP Free Rice game.

Like dreams that which has no beginning or end has no middle either!


Twelfth of June!

1. Yesterday, I left in time to capture some images to be used to compose this article.

2. I got a call from a friend before I left. He wanted to meet casually but then took me to a barber’s saloon where he got shaved while I insisted to walk in stadium. Thus my twilight was spent on a bench watching traffic police giving challan receipts to violators near Ambedkar statue.

3. The stone outside the badminton hall of Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India is worn out because of passage of time since its inception. It was inaugurated on Twelfth of June in the year nineteen ninety four by chief minister of Madhya Pradesh state Digvijaya Singh. Now it’s difficult to identify if it was on second of June or twelfth of June as the number one is illegible. Synchronicity: it was a Sunday on the day of inauguration of the hall. It was a Sunday yesterday as well.

4. My inclination to often write about this hall stems from my early boyhood memory of visiting stadium and this hall with Lallu aka Aditya Dwivedi. He was elder to me and introduced me to terms like Stadium/Pavilion. It took me some time to clearly comprehend the difference. Recently I read a tweet from Tendulkar where he used term pillion. This word is similar to the word pavilion in structure but means a rider accompanying another. I used to be a pillion on bicycle driven by Lallu bhaiyaa. He used to eat only a bit between two rounds to stadium and mimicked Kishore Kumar very well.

5. The last image is GI iron alloyed poles to be installed in place of old ones which used to act as goal posts for football game so far. In a ceremony held to inaugurate some scheme by chief minister of Madhya Pradesh India a heavy tent was pitched and poles were uprooted. Two pairs now rest before Gymnashium Hall and East Side pavilion stairs. The installation has been pending with the risk of any animal or youngsters falling in those four ditches.

6. Tenders have been invited for renovation of floor plan and other activities inside the badminton hall. There have been many discussions, petitions and publications for the same before an official visit from a UGC committee.

7. If I failed to find out what RFS stood out for it’s clearly futile to try to find out the meaning of acronym AKV on one of the poles.

8. I am listening to music. Unchained melody was discovered when I watched 1990 movie Ghost and then I found that it has many versions.

Unchained melody:

“…And time goes by so slowly…and time can do so much…” Alex North and co. Righteous brothers.

Alex North and Hy Zaret

9. Here’s a Tohu to celebrate twenty eight years of badminton hall stone:

Battledore Dumbledore,

Adore adore!

POonA Pune Juna June!

Jejune junebug bugsbunny hunny!

Academics of Sumit Chaurasiya!

1. When I returned from Vrindavan, Mathura in July 2014, I had no career plan. I had taken renunciation. I tried to go back but couldn’t. Maternal grandmother and others recommended that I teach kids but having seen how government teachers actually operated I had developed a certain degree of resistance for government service. I tried teaching in a private school where corporeal punishment is a norm. I gave that job up. Since then I took tuitions and it became only means for my meagre sustenance.

2. Only student I am teaching at present is not upto the mark. He’s enrolled into standard ninth in a private school. His father, who got only middle school education is a janitor of the stadium in this city. His mother is uneducated. Some help was received by two elder siblings one of whom is good at sports. He also wants to excel at sports. Their family runs a fast food stall everyday to support itself and two brothers share their time to run the business. Sports, business and lack of educational environment leaves little room for my student to stay motivated and perform better.

3. It’s only by chance that I was selected as his English language coach. I found this job to be unrewarding because it was very low paying. It didn’t result in further jobs. He didn’t show much progress despite all the work put in to educate him. I found after first few classes that he was at best at the level of class fourth students-unable to read and write either in Hindi or in English.

4. Many such students got general promotion due to Covid. Even if there was no Covid they are promoted due to pressure from government to maintain minimal literacy rate in this state and country on paper.

5. All his time is devoted to business and sports which are going to become his career. He’s producing more wealth than I have ever produced in the last eight years since I quit serving in the temple. It’s not going to be otherwise. They can’t pay me like previous subscribers because of their limited income and I can’t really motivate him to work harder on academics. Thus: a student qualified to study only in class fourth is studying in standard ninth and it’s going to be so. It can’t be helped.

6. I have been working hard to keep the early morning classes punctual. The family being an Indian family has no sense of timing or punctuality. The kids are lost in daydreaming most of the times. Father tries his hard to maintain discipline but being overloaded with work to maintain stadium and university work he also has his limitations.

7. Previous students had their limitations too and they taught me a good deal about the education business here. Willing to teach in any private school here is like slavery for a meagre sum of three to four thousand rupees for eight to ten hours of work whereas nine thousand rupees income is criterion for people living below poverty line. I was supposed to rely on family profession of teaching after renunciation thanks to ailing mother and controlling father. It’s absolutely hopeless here unless you know grovelling flattery and servitude to falsehood.

Meeting with the wealthiest guy!

Constitution of India: point 18

1. Human existence is empty and we seek constant approval from others.

2. In certain cases: this need exceeds limits of normalcy.

3. The first picture was taken on 06.06.2022 in La Capitol building in Chhatarpur at about 00:45 AM.

4. Most of the people in this picture : actually six of them were students of Maria Mata Convent High School Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India at once, as classmates.

5. This meeting was held in the room number 210 of the aforementioned hotel. It was on the occassion of the marriage ceremony of only sibling of a friend of this group: the host of the party.

6. Some of these people were actually meeting after two decades. This picture is valuable as far as records are concerned. But this article doesn’t use it for that purpose. This picture was taken by Sandeep Pathak who was present during the meeting but didn’t belong to Maria Mata group. Another person was fast asleep on bed. Later a person appeared who insisted on rest of us vacating the room because he had a morning shift for mining: his work.

7. All of the people in the picture earn their living by being citizens of India. All of them are supposed to know the Constitution of India.

8. If you have read so far: the point of this article is: titles. Abolition of titles except military or academic titles recognised by the nation state is a point in article 18 on pages 8th and 9th.

9. During the meeting loudest voice obviously belonged to the wealthiest person in the lot. If you can guess that and you’re not someone who lives nearby: it’s a bonus.

10. There were two other active participants in the discussion which lasted for about an hour.

11. Three of them constantly kept speaking about these things:

11.1: How wealthy the wealthiest person was.

11.2: How good his relationships with some other wealthy people nearby are.

11.3: How to address each other:

Since they all were uninhibited and drunk on wealth and power: they kept addressing each other with titles like:




12. After every two minutes or so, when they were done with using of swear words and non-veg jokes for each other they saluted each other with due respect. They kept repeating it ad-nauseum. They offered me a drink to which I respectfully refused to partake of.

13. The wealthiest person had so much disdain for the rest of the people in the meeting that at once I thought it was a wrong idea to have appeared in that room with another guy who doesn’t drink. Somber people can observe what alcohol and wealth does to you or otherwise: drunkards observe how tamed somber people appear to be. I persisted because it was after a score of years.

14. Maharaja means: ‘the great king.’ Every monk and bramhin by caste is usually called by that title.

15. Dau means great brother: akin to dada. Usually reserved for warriors.

16. Pundit ji ( a different spelling here) is usually for bramhins.

17. Drunks, non-vegetarians, womanizers and thieves: if they belong to upper castes : retain their titles. Miracle!

18. Maafidar is actually a surname which indicates maafia.

19. I am always surprised by how many maharajas/daaus/pundits and dons we have here in every nook and cranny.

20. Peak of the party meeting speech: might bring smiles to reigning party. Might offend some people. Might look like a joke: but it’s only intended to bring your attention to the topic whether books like Constitution of India/USA or Ramayana or Mahabharata or Quaran or Bible can really show a way of living.

21. Narendra Damodar Das Modi is current prime minister of India. Shivraj Singh Chouhan is current chief minister of state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

22. Their names were given by their parents and titles by the nation state of India, temporarily, as per the constitution of India released on January 26, 1950.

23. Title of Modi explicitly says: Prime Minister: NOT the king or sovereign of the state.

24. Similarly: title used by the incumbent chief minister of Madhya Pradesh India is CM not King of Madhya Pradesh.

25. Even president of a nation state is merely HEAD of the state. Head of the body is decision making machine for entire body of which it’s a part. Head of the body doesn’t own a body.

26. Yashashvi PM himself eloquently asserted on his being Head of the Servants or Pradhan Sevak in many speeches.

27. Do you believe, even for a minute that PM takes his words seriously?

28. Every day we keep hearing: “DM is the king of the district. CM is the king of the state. PM is the king of the country.” I have been hearing it all through my life. Whatever happened to the Constitution of India? What’s the book for?

29. A decade ago: one of my flatmates who also happened to be a son of an ex-DM used to look down upon rest of us because of his financial status. Now:

30. The highest value placed by the wealthiest guy who was also the loudest in the meeting: who’s visible in the picture was on:

31. Having met Modi and Chouhan. He told us that we could Google it up if we didn’t believe it.

32. It’s akin to the old lady who said:

“I have not seen God but I have seen Modi incarnation.”

An old lady!

33. How do ministers become kings? Mystery! How to be called Maharaja? Get married and your in-laws would automatically call you that (only for a while. ) Napoleon, Alexander, Hitler and others don’t get more than a footnote in the books like Encyclopaedia which describe Earth and its history.

34. Meanwhile: the angry old man appeared in a brown shirt for a change today in Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India. He immediately showed how perturbed he’s with cough. For further background please read: Ku Klux Klan Again: a post published on this very weblog a few days ago. It’s been nine months since morning when tiles were being turned all of a sudden and 1000 rupees were stolen. Back to the lodge where I was since 2014 or am I? 16:12 07:06:2022 Chaubey Colony Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India.

Further edits: 16:12 PM 09.06.2022 Thursday

Men of Action!

Note: This article doesn’t need a very high level of intelligence.

1. I took a mini bath with water using the Lalbahadur nearby. Lalbahadur is the code word for a handpump (reference: Peepli Live–a Bollywood movie in Hindi language released about a decade ago.)

2. I had a walk in the scorching heat of Jyeshtha this noon. A walk after a tea. An elaichi tea worth ten rupees.

3. As predictable as it gets: being the election season: there weren’t many options for cafes. It doesn’t take The Truman Show level of expenses to get my due of opinion in the feedback machinery.

4. As I stayed in the cafe: I kept hearing the conversation between two other visitors who were already present. They appeared to be elders in age and yet they were interested in the Moosewala assassination, which really surprised me. I just googled to ensure if assasination was preferable over murder here.

5. It immediately struck me: they were interested in the details of killing. One of them highlighted the statement in media reports that if assassinated person was carrying enough cartridges he would have survived.

5.1: “Security wasn’t as tight as it should have been,” didn’t seem to come to the minds of these visitors.

5.2: Their discussion soon made it clear that they were thinking about it from the viewpoint of first persons. What would they have done if it had happened to them? They have been in conflicts and reptilian brain is hyperactive in them.

5.3: I knew nothing about Moosewala when the event was reported. Prior to it: Siddhu we all knew was Navjot Singh, cricketer-turned-politician who was sentenced for an year inside prison. I had examined his stars. I examined stars of Moosewala as well.

5.4: With Jaimini Atmakaraka in Pisces : I realised that he was meritorious and attained final liberation as per Parashara.

5.5: Mars was still immature. He was a pop star and Mars matures by the age of twenty eight.

5.6: Coming back to visitors in cafe: there are usually two types of people: men of action and men of thought. They belonged to former.

5.7: Such people act first and think later.

5.8: Other arguments about this event I heard were in line with “cause of his death was promoting gun culture in youth.”

5.9: The question is: would he be celebrated like Che Guevara on t-shirts of Punjabi youth in generations to come? That’s what matters as far as legacy is concerned. Why did he die so young?

6. There’s another group which advocates predestination especially in the matters of birth, marriages, death etc. They say: the age of a person is fixed before birth because of merits. It becomes a simple escape for people unwilling to work for their longevity. Live however you want because death is certain when the day arrives. Or the night.

No violent man dies a natural death.


This post is dedicated to director of Schizopolis The featured image was captured by me in the city stadium this morning.

Ku Klux Klan Again!

1. Part of me wanted to pass over it in silence. Forgiving people. Forgetting everything. Ignoring because it hurts attention seekers etcetera.

2. It’s absolutely boring. Repetitive. Mechanical. Nothing new in my life or in the history of the mankind.

3. I choose this expression over silence only because I want to keep an authentic record of my genuine interest in social learning. It’s better than being confused about what I used to think- provided I can access these at a later date.

4. This account will be as authentic as:

4.1: My claim that I am truly immortal. And I have travelled in time on a regular basis: not as a fictional imaginary daydreaming event but as a real experience of being in a completely different era.

4.2: My claim that I have seen many memes and personas carrying authentic expressions from people who passed away a very long ago.

5. I found an individual in stadium–only one who carries unique DNA from a certain Chinese dynasty. I didn’t need to do a laboratory test to know about it. It’s contrary to the usual expectation of the person being a resident of North eastern borders to China.

6. Though the fifth point might be out of place and as downright funny as any other hokum pokum you’ve recently come across: it’s as true as following claims:

7. Ku Klux Klan people have been after me for long now. In Europe, their history was murky. I read very little on them on Wikipedia and in a book I purchased in Bangalore in 2011. The book was about secret societies.

8. I found the iron pillar which was brought from Glasgow and placed in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur. Informed about it to many people.

9. It’s funny at times and absolutely ludicrous at others. No matter what you do: there are people who find something to oppose in you.

10. Only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

Oscar Wilde

11. I often tell people to let them print pictures of recent leaders of nation states: that gives freedom to Mahatma to an extent if he’s anywhere in heavens. I am semi-serious about it but it takes away all the propaganda pleasure from trouble makers. Why should they adopt your ideas?

12. Do you know how many times Azmer Pati was repeated in the dialogues of Samrat Prithviraj? You will be surprised. Though I slept soundly through half of the movie, sets were much better than those in Bhool Bhulaiyaa part two. Rashtrapati/Rashtrapita. Rajneesh has published ad-nauseum on patriachal vocabulary of this state.

13. Subramanian Swamy raised an issue about IPL final being fixed. It has to be the joke of the week while ED is interrogating someone who was being pursued by this brilliant scholar. Now everything is WHITE.

14. To speak of which: A tall guy with moustache wearing white t-shirt and pant comes to visit Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India occasionally. I don’t know what’s his issue but he consistently shows his disdain by loudly coughing out whenever I am in the range. There are many who follow the suit only when I am walking alone. He’s akin to the lawyer guy who showed his intense dislike in 2017-2018 at sprouts shop. Yes: the one who owns property at Deri road. I am speaking about you!

15. There are people who are dressed better than him and look smarter: for example: another guy who looked like an officer last week. Wearing white shirt and dark pant he was bespectacled but he did the same thing. Cough out as soon as see me. Surprisingly: a young man asked me if I had any other business than walking day-and-night. What did I do to him? I was too visible. Now ABVP(All Indian Council for students) is going to discuss issues of national interest in irrigation colony on 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. It’s RSS. Period. These are same people who showed me a man whose nose was chopped with a dressing simply because I was lured in by Radhe-Shyam pulaav seller to eat it regularly.

Was it illegal to eat at a certain place?


Was it unethical?


Why then, the young and robust force is being used to bully a certain strata of population in the name of religion and patriotism? Some young people who were high on weed picked me up one night show how young they actually are. Later they showed what it means to be nephews of one true UNCLE of this nation.

16. When I told about it to my friends at first they laughed it out and then they started using it. For example: someone who considers themselves to be really high spits when they shouldn’t –merely to show that it’s ingrained in them. To make a record of it might incite some others but I have become inured of it. There must have been at least 10000 instances of public show of disdain towards me for manufacturing COVID in my private laboratory in WUHAN CHINA. Wait, what the fuck am I supposed to be speaking about now? Ah, schizophrenia! Some people go to psychiatry and others to Dham. Dham means Ten. Tenet. Ludwig Goransson.

17. Even before COVID: my youngest sibling used to take great pride in showing his disdain by spitting gutka and tobacco. Sometimes he used to wait for me to pass by before he could spit. Ku Klux Klan plus Betlegeuse traditional.

18. I published a lot about it. Santosh aka Shilajeet used to be one of the proud members of bounty guys who used all their tricks to ensure that none of the multivitamins remained for me. Rest was ensured by canine pet owners.

19. Now that most of the cats are out of the bag: out of fifteen or so coaches: at least two three showed their phelgm diseases to me. Most of the trainees for police showed these to me.

20. Recently so called Mama in a marriage showed it to me. Strange: you invite people in your house then get some of them drunk on pride and then use them against some other and you call these events auspicious opportunities to convert your black money into white. Strange society it’s. Raaje, raaje, raaje!

21. The world doesn’t revolve around me, huh? But somehow all animals including dogs start showing symptoms of their weak constitution to me!

22. To remove all messages which teach about cleanliness on ten rupee notes plus slogans on walls and advertising industry versus to make people who publicly spit: what would you choose?

23. Ho ho ho, being a goodie-two-shoes I would choose to burn all the currency up to show disdain for something which doesn’t work in reality. Like Heath Ledger’s joker in Nolan’s Batman? Impossible.

24. Since this post might be termed as flagrant in a state where I am due to current article 144 being applied for electoral process: I would not publicise it anywhere else. I know no one from my local groups who follows me on WordPress.

Law abiding citizens?

1. I walked for three hours inside Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India this morning after taking English language coaching class for a class ninth student.

2. I didn’t enter badminton hall today even at once in the morning. Usually I do enter to watch games. When I entered the hall finally: it was at about 15:27 pm. All the lights were lit up. There were no players.


4. I assume they were on since morning. They were on for about three hours or more.

5. I know it’s not the first instance when they have been left on due to negligence.

6. There were frequent power cuts at Tata Motors’ service center where power was needed for services due to which the work which needs only half an hour took more than three hours.

7. If you look at this wastage of electric power due to negligence and on purpose: it’s actually gigantic. Despite the law. It’s one of the reasons for economic situation. People who steal in groups are rewarded.

8. RTI 2005 and Electric Power Law subsection 2003/140 states that wasting electric on purpose is a criminal offence.

9. My repeatedly reporting this is of no consequence.

10. Stance of players: “no we don’t have time to switch it off. We are paying for our slot.”

11. Staff members: “they’re paying barely enough for electric bill and they demand cleanliness as well as new mat on court.”

12. Rishabh is leaving soon. Only player who had participated in a national level event about a decade ago. To play a sport is considered healthy but it’s not as easy as it seems to be able to afford it.

13. Rishabh told me why it’s a waste of time and money to play badminton. Despite all the glory showered on a handful of people in award ceremonies: bitter truth of sports life in India isn’t much different from the bitter truth about rest of the public life: unemployment, population explosion, pollution and so on. And I am not even pretending to discredit current regimen in this regard: since my school days I have only found worsening of matters.

14. Hypocrisy, buying and selling of members of parliament, bribery, waste of public funds on purpose, mafia and nepotism is the zeitgeist of the day. Public is mirrored in leadership and leadership is mirrored in public. Meanwhile: my friend who bought a new car told me about being able to cover the distance to Bhopal( the capital of the state) in four hours. It used to be eight hours in my college days.

By being thorough!

1. Visiting Anand Motors office Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh.

2. I assumed there would be no grammatical error in the pledge but I found one.

3. Third paragraph, first sentence:

We promise to be reliable, be being thorough…

It should be : by being thorough.

4. Other than the manager and associates being absent on scene when the first customer care is needed for the recently purchased car of a friend–the power supply was dancing on and off due to technical issues.


1. It took me about five minutes to describe the qualities written on poster for Surya Namaskar to the staff member who had invited me to sit with him by reading them out.

2. On June 21st, International Day for Yoga is celebrated world wide. It’s near summer solstice.

3. Yoga postures which are twelve in number: help you stabilize your body for breathing practices and higher stages of meditation.

4. Needless to say: they’re associated with twelve aspects of Sun God Ra: based on which solar calendar always takes twelve months cycle into account.

5. These aspects in no particular order are:

5.1: Mithras: mithridate. Antidote to poisons. Friend of all. Enemy of none.

5.2: Ravi: Related to the one who creates change.

5.3: Bhanu: one who creates activity.

5.4: Bhaskar: One who has highest lustre.

5.5: Adityas: One of the 12 belonging to highest pantheons of Hindu gods with Vishnu being the youngest. Emphasis on community of gods. Vishvedevas.

5.6: Savitar: One who rises and sets. Related to the aspect of health, wealth and prosperity. Addressed in Gayatri Mantra.

5.7: Hiranyagarbha: The alpha and the Omega. One which contains all in it. Brahm.

5.8: Poosha: One who nourishes all.

5.9: Arka: Related to sacrifice in northern Indian temples.

5.10: Martanda: literally dead egg. Eighth son of Aditi.

5.11: Prabhakar: One which has an aura.

5.12: Surya: One who awakens or initiates.