Of Names!

1. This article is inspired by Dainik Bhaskar’s article about village names in Madhya Pradesh state in India. Images are also courtesy of Dainik Bhaskar- Hindi daily. Links are given below:

https://dainik-b.in/EqcIjt2mXqb https://dainik-b.in/download

Bhainsa: Ashok Nagar, Ishagarh.

2. The village above is named Bhainsa. It actually means a buffalo: a male buffalo. It immediately reminded me of Buffalo, New York State, name of which surprised me at first when I heard in a movie.

2443: Saali: Badwaani: Rajpur

3. It’s written as SALI which is pronounced as sully but the Hindi name transcription should be SAALI. Saali is female version of Saala: brother and sister-in-law. Actually these are rarely used in their proper context: most of the times they’re used as swear words. The whole business revolves around this mentality:

Since women are a burden who are grown to be married off to another clan to help them grow and don't really contribute much into the family of birth: the family of marriage of women always has an upper hand on the other family from which they take the loan they owned. Thus Saala and Saali are actually swear curse words often used lightly over hard swear words which have reference to male and female reproductive organs. 
Hastinapur: Gwalior

4. There’s a Hastinapur in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India. Hastinapur name in itself is a very popular place name since it’s been used as the capital of India in the epic of Mahabharata and usually points to Delhi India.

Hastinapur literally means City of Elephants. Elephants symbolise giants or persons of renown: in the context of epic they’re Kauravas and Pandavas or royal people.

5. The article also details names like Hathnee(female elephant), Galti(Mistake), Maafipura(The place where maafias reside), Udaypur and Gorakhpur(In Chhatarpur district in Madhya Pradesh ( you might already be aware of Chhatarpur in Bihar and Delhi states)), Vrindavan and Hastinapur in Guna district. Nagpur and Agra in Indore district and Ramgarh of Sholay movie fame is in Burhanpur of Madhya Pradesh though actual Ramgarh where shooting for the movie took place is located in Karnataka near Bangalore. The article details many other peculiar names but some of them stand out with: Langoti(loincloth) and Choli(blouse) for example. Haldi(Turmeric), Soda, Chaumau, Azgar(python), Sandal, Charkha, Makdi(spider) and Atoot Bhikhari ( Unbreakable beggar!)

6. Luvkushnagar in the Chhatarpur district was renamed to have names of sons of Rama from epic of Ramayana. Previously it was named: Laundi: it simply means a lady or girl or their reproductive organ. Singular.

7. Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India got its name from the root Chhatra which symbolises an umbrella or protective shield wielded by warriors like Chhatrasal the ancient king of this place. It’s similar to the shied of captain America!

8. Bugmau is a village name which can be expanded to mean: bug Mau. Like bugbear.

9. The article in Dainik Bhaskar also states that there are 55000 villages in 52 districts in Madhya Pradesh India.

Ku Klux Klan Again!

1. Part of me wanted to pass over it in silence. Forgiving people. Forgetting everything. Ignoring because it hurts attention seekers etcetera.

2. It’s absolutely boring. Repetitive. Mechanical. Nothing new in my life or in the history of the mankind.

3. I choose this expression over silence only because I want to keep an authentic record of my genuine interest in social learning. It’s better than being confused about what I used to think- provided I can access these at a later date.

4. This account will be as authentic as:

4.1: My claim that I am truly immortal. And I have travelled in time on a regular basis: not as a fictional imaginary daydreaming event but as a real experience of being in a completely different era.

4.2: My claim that I have seen many memes and personas carrying authentic expressions from people who passed away a very long ago.

5. I found an individual in stadium–only one who carries unique DNA from a certain Chinese dynasty. I didn’t need to do a laboratory test to know about it. It’s contrary to the usual expectation of the person being a resident of North eastern borders to China.

6. Though the fifth point might be out of place and as downright funny as any other hokum pokum you’ve recently come across: it’s as true as following claims:

7. Ku Klux Klan people have been after me for long now. In Europe, their history was murky. I read very little on them on Wikipedia and in a book I purchased in Bangalore in 2011. The book was about secret societies.

8. I found the iron pillar which was brought from Glasgow and placed in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur. Informed about it to many people.

9. It’s funny at times and absolutely ludicrous at others. No matter what you do: there are people who find something to oppose in you.

10. Only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

Oscar Wilde

11. I often tell people to let them print pictures of recent leaders of nation states: that gives freedom to Mahatma to an extent if he’s anywhere in heavens. I am semi-serious about it but it takes away all the propaganda pleasure from trouble makers. Why should they adopt your ideas?

12. Do you know how many times Azmer Pati was repeated in the dialogues of Samrat Prithviraj? You will be surprised. Though I slept soundly through half of the movie, sets were much better than those in Bhool Bhulaiyaa part two. Rashtrapati/Rashtrapita. Rajneesh has published ad-nauseum on patriachal vocabulary of this state.

13. Subramanian Swamy raised an issue about IPL final being fixed. It has to be the joke of the week while ED is interrogating someone who was being pursued by this brilliant scholar. Now everything is WHITE.

14. To speak of which: A tall guy with moustache wearing white t-shirt and pant comes to visit Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India occasionally. I don’t know what’s his issue but he consistently shows his disdain by loudly coughing out whenever I am in the range. There are many who follow the suit only when I am walking alone. He’s akin to the lawyer guy who showed his intense dislike in 2017-2018 at sprouts shop. Yes: the one who owns property at Deri road. I am speaking about you!

15. There are people who are dressed better than him and look smarter: for example: another guy who looked like an officer last week. Wearing white shirt and dark pant he was bespectacled but he did the same thing. Cough out as soon as see me. Surprisingly: a young man asked me if I had any other business than walking day-and-night. What did I do to him? I was too visible. Now ABVP(All Indian Council for students) is going to discuss issues of national interest in irrigation colony on 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. It’s RSS. Period. These are same people who showed me a man whose nose was chopped with a dressing simply because I was lured in by Radhe-Shyam pulaav seller to eat it regularly.

Was it illegal to eat at a certain place?


Was it unethical?


Why then, the young and robust force is being used to bully a certain strata of population in the name of religion and patriotism? Some young people who were high on weed picked me up one night show how young they actually are. Later they showed what it means to be nephews of one true UNCLE of this nation.

16. When I told about it to my friends at first they laughed it out and then they started using it. For example: someone who considers themselves to be really high spits when they shouldn’t –merely to show that it’s ingrained in them. To make a record of it might incite some others but I have become inured of it. There must have been at least 10000 instances of public show of disdain towards me for manufacturing COVID in my private laboratory in WUHAN CHINA. Wait, what the fuck am I supposed to be speaking about now? Ah, schizophrenia! Some people go to psychiatry and others to Dham. Dham means Ten. Tenet. Ludwig Goransson.

17. Even before COVID: my youngest sibling used to take great pride in showing his disdain by spitting gutka and tobacco. Sometimes he used to wait for me to pass by before he could spit. Ku Klux Klan plus Betlegeuse traditional.

18. I published a lot about it. Santosh aka Shilajeet used to be one of the proud members of bounty guys who used all their tricks to ensure that none of the multivitamins remained for me. Rest was ensured by canine pet owners.

19. Now that most of the cats are out of the bag: out of fifteen or so coaches: at least two three showed their phelgm diseases to me. Most of the trainees for police showed these to me.

20. Recently so called Mama in a marriage showed it to me. Strange: you invite people in your house then get some of them drunk on pride and then use them against some other and you call these events auspicious opportunities to convert your black money into white. Strange society it’s. Raaje, raaje, raaje!

21. The world doesn’t revolve around me, huh? But somehow all animals including dogs start showing symptoms of their weak constitution to me!

22. To remove all messages which teach about cleanliness on ten rupee notes plus slogans on walls and advertising industry versus to make people who publicly spit: what would you choose?

23. Ho ho ho, being a goodie-two-shoes I would choose to burn all the currency up to show disdain for something which doesn’t work in reality. Like Heath Ledger’s joker in Nolan’s Batman? Impossible.

24. Since this post might be termed as flagrant in a state where I am due to current article 144 being applied for electoral process: I would not publicise it anywhere else. I know no one from my local groups who follows me on WordPress.

What Carry Bags May Come?

1. The title is obviously inspired by “What Dreams May Come.”

2. This, Miss India brand carry bag was being used to keep(carry) tissue papers at the stall of finger chips seller on police lines road.

3. I was compelled to take a picture because of the finest grade of Hindi used on this small artifact.

4. Editing:

1. Udesh: Uddeshya.

2. Salose: salon se(missing bindu/dot for nasal sound)

3. Kwoliti: quality: kwality

4. Dudh: doodh

5. Dhi: buddhi? No. Ghee. Clarified butter.

6. Paanv bhaaji? Come on.

7. Shabji? Shaabji. Sabjee?

8. Fruit: froot( for fruit)

9. Jayush: Juice. Joos.

10. Rajeestard: registered. Rajisturd.

My abject apologies for lack of transliteration tools. Only those with a basic understanding of Hindi/Devnagari can get the import of these words. If you were to select Miss India brand: Mogambo won’t be happy 😁😁

English and Hindi!

1. Let the reason lead.

2. I had a nice cup of elaichi tea after a not-so-nice plate of finger-chips this evening. Birds are returning to their homes and ants are still at work at large.

3. What’s the difference between rabbits and ants when referring to colonies?

4. An: is pronounced the same way N is pronounced. While teaching my only student it was highlighted once again. How do you differentiate between a black object that absorbs all light and an empty space? Practically-both of them leave same impression on eyes: none. Whatsoever.

5. A single interlocutor, a single student does magic to ideaphorea. Perhaps, more than a bunch of them because you’re more in your element. In latter case you’re wondering about how to maximize gains.

6. RTI: right to information. 2005 AD. Electric current. Many sectors of business and market are fighting with absolute scarcity of water, electric and funds. OTOH, many other superfluous and proud(even smug) people are wasting it overtime. Marriages, birthday parties, hotels, universities and houses of middle and upper middle class.

Most worrying is law enforcement agencies like police department, municipal corporation and such violating and condoning stealing of electric, land and other means of livelihood for “samrath ko nahi dosh gosaai…” And other such bullshit and completely exacting rigorous standards in case of poor. Rich gets richer and vice versa.

Happy to be poor. Happy to be happy. Yadda yadda.

7. RTI 2005 : subsection 140 imposes fines in excess of 10000 rupees with imprisonment for stealing electric. What would you do when entire municipal corporation and law enforcement is party to violations? They can’t all be WRONG ? No. They can’t be. They read one book. They eat one gutka. They watch one cricket league. They bat. They bet. You betcha. Better watch your back ya. Meanwhile:

Chiva’s regal versus blackdog? No. Elaichi tea here costs just ten rupees because man versus machine gives in favor of man.
I used to sit here. PNC and others ensured that I felt ill at ease. Now it’s over.
Traveling destroys some illusions and creates some others. UGK
1033. Does it work? 101 didn’t work in Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh for me during a cricket tournament.
I saw places which were dark.

Marvels of Hindi, English and Engineering!

If Indian Railways was a lady-she was buying a stairway to heaven.
Pledge: “India is your country, all Indians are ur brothers and sisters.” Original sin is to flow.
Bahna/Batna::Bahana/Batana–Hoefflin’s analogies. Buy yourself a coffee if you can read this one!
Graffiti 2
This abandoned tower houses junkies. Look at the spelling: hight/errection.
Before you go up!


1. Recently, youngest of her(Vandana Shukla’s) sons was admitted to city hospital because of lack of multivitamins and nutrients. Her husband takes multivitamins regularly but there are none for their handicapped child(my sibling) who is too ashamed to ask for treatment and even going to deny any such event: getting admitted to hospital or getting a fake handicap certificate. Chances of this appealing to you are as high as Vyapam cases getting resolved by making a mystery thriller about them. Honesty is the best policy.

2. Male chauvinists: they were all fighting a case they lost against their in-laws. I lost my mind along with sleep. Reason might be: they didn’t get a male child. You won’t find any written records of their being fond of a LAAL.

“Tum kaun ite laal hag raye”

-is a saying which translates to:

” You’re not defecating gems in toilet.”

Laal also means a gem of a son. They were insulted by each-other and then digested all of it.

Gile shikwe bhool ke doston dushman bhi gale mil jaate hain.

Sholay. Lay down in morning or noon…it MAY fire!

After great success of mummy-papa United productions and struggles you have bhaiya-bhabhi United productions and taking your words back about why jeeja was abused by saala or foofa was intimidated by bhatija.

My case rests.

Whether I give addendum or not it’s merely infotainment for you. Consider yourself luckier. You might hear good news when it’s due.

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