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Meeting with the wealthiest guy!

Constitution of India: point 18

1. Human existence is empty and we seek constant approval from others.

2. In certain cases: this need exceeds limits of normalcy.

3. The first picture was taken on 06.06.2022 in La Capitol building in Chhatarpur at about 00:45 AM.

4. Most of the people in this picture : actually six of them were students of Maria Mata Convent High School Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India at once, as classmates.

5. This meeting was held in the room number 210 of the aforementioned hotel. It was on the occassion of the marriage ceremony of only sibling of a friend of this group: the host of the party.

6. Some of these people were actually meeting after two decades. This picture is valuable as far as records are concerned. But this article doesn’t use it for that purpose. This picture was taken by Sandeep Pathak who was present during the meeting but didn’t belong to Maria Mata group. Another person was fast asleep on bed. Later a person appeared who insisted on rest of us vacating the room because he had a morning shift for mining: his work.

7. All of the people in the picture earn their living by being citizens of India. All of them are supposed to know the Constitution of India.

8. If you have read so far: the point of this article is: titles. Abolition of titles except military or academic titles recognised by the nation state is a point in article 18 on pages 8th and 9th.

9. During the meeting loudest voice obviously belonged to the wealthiest person in the lot. If you can guess that and you’re not someone who lives nearby: it’s a bonus.

10. There were two other active participants in the discussion which lasted for about an hour.

11. Three of them constantly kept speaking about these things:

11.1: How wealthy the wealthiest person was.

11.2: How good his relationships with some other wealthy people nearby are.

11.3: How to address each other:

Since they all were uninhibited and drunk on wealth and power: they kept addressing each other with titles like:




12. After every two minutes or so, when they were done with using of swear words and non-veg jokes for each other they saluted each other with due respect. They kept repeating it ad-nauseum. They offered me a drink to which I respectfully refused to partake of.

13. The wealthiest person had so much disdain for the rest of the people in the meeting that at once I thought it was a wrong idea to have appeared in that room with another guy who doesn’t drink. Somber people can observe what alcohol and wealth does to you or otherwise: drunkards observe how tamed somber people appear to be. I persisted because it was after a score of years.

14. Maharaja means: ‘the great king.’ Every monk and bramhin by caste is usually called by that title.

15. Dau means great brother: akin to dada. Usually reserved for warriors.

16. Pundit ji ( a different spelling here) is usually for bramhins.

17. Drunks, non-vegetarians, womanizers and thieves: if they belong to upper castes : retain their titles. Miracle!

18. Maafidar is actually a surname which indicates maafia.

19. I am always surprised by how many maharajas/daaus/pundits and dons we have here in every nook and cranny.

20. Peak of the party meeting speech: might bring smiles to reigning party. Might offend some people. Might look like a joke: but it’s only intended to bring your attention to the topic whether books like Constitution of India/USA or Ramayana or Mahabharata or Quaran or Bible can really show a way of living.

21. Narendra Damodar Das Modi is current prime minister of India. Shivraj Singh Chouhan is current chief minister of state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

22. Their names were given by their parents and titles by the nation state of India, temporarily, as per the constitution of India released on January 26, 1950.

23. Title of Modi explicitly says: Prime Minister: NOT the king or sovereign of the state.

24. Similarly: title used by the incumbent chief minister of Madhya Pradesh India is CM not King of Madhya Pradesh.

25. Even president of a nation state is merely HEAD of the state. Head of the body is decision making machine for entire body of which it’s a part. Head of the body doesn’t own a body.

26. Yashashvi PM himself eloquently asserted on his being Head of the Servants or Pradhan Sevak in many speeches.

27. Do you believe, even for a minute that PM takes his words seriously?

28. Every day we keep hearing: “DM is the king of the district. CM is the king of the state. PM is the king of the country.” I have been hearing it all through my life. Whatever happened to the Constitution of India? What’s the book for?

29. A decade ago: one of my flatmates who also happened to be a son of an ex-DM used to look down upon rest of us because of his financial status. Now:

30. The highest value placed by the wealthiest guy who was also the loudest in the meeting: who’s visible in the picture was on:

31. Having met Modi and Chouhan. He told us that we could Google it up if we didn’t believe it.

32. It’s akin to the old lady who said:

“I have not seen God but I have seen Modi incarnation.”

An old lady!

33. How do ministers become kings? Mystery! How to be called Maharaja? Get married and your in-laws would automatically call you that (only for a while. ) Napoleon, Alexander, Hitler and others don’t get more than a footnote in the books like Encyclopaedia which describe Earth and its history.

34. Meanwhile: the angry old man appeared in a brown shirt for a change today in Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India. He immediately showed how perturbed he’s with cough. For further background please read: Ku Klux Klan Again: a post published on this very weblog a few days ago. It’s been nine months since morning when tiles were being turned all of a sudden and 1000 rupees were stolen. Back to the lodge where I was since 2014 or am I? 16:12 07:06:2022 Chaubey Colony Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India.

Further edits: 16:12 PM 09.06.2022 Thursday

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